Jungle shooter minigame

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Shoot through the jungle and kill al the stickmen


Replying yo author's response

Essentially what we all expect is that you put efforts into it, and don't post games like that on newgrounds. Everybody who made Flashes should take the time to do them and then they receive good and bad comments, constructive ones too. If you ask why you receive shit over shit, it's because your flash is shit, as you said, 20 minutes. 20 minutes is relatively nothing in a flash project, you should spend hours, day, and months. For example, i'm 13 years old, i made flash, rare it is that kids like me made flash, and GOOD ones. Go watch them, it's my old cartoons, i'm actually on a new project called Necro Bungler. Look at them, especially my last one Petzilla & Rotzilla, i put arround 4 to 5 months developing it, and look the result: 6 minutes 37 seconds of funny cartoon made by a young 13 years old boy who's learning flash further and further each time he enter his .fla project. My efforts and years i spend on learning flash conclude to the talent i got now. You have potential, but WAIT before posting flashes like that on this website, it's okay to share your progress but at least put more efforts and try to find your style through flash. My style is cartoonish, some others are realistic and stuff like that.

This review was not to attack you personally but i suggest you to start a project that you'll continue for a long time, even if the artwork isn't perfect at least you'll be proud of the time you spend on it and wouldn't care about the shit other can give you because you know that someday, with all this time spend, you'll be a master of Flash and you'll kill them all, who underestimated you.

And when i say "people who gives shit" i don't mean people are stupid to give shit, i used the term "shit" to say: When people tell you that it's bad.

Hope you'll start a project, or something that will make you evolved through flash. Add me to your contacts and send me a mail on NG when you'll think you need to talk with somebody about a project, or if it is to send me shit and to bash me, then, it'll prove me that you understand nothing and you're just stupid... but i think you understand.... :)

Have a great day dude.


the good

the bad
the graphics
the animation
the gameplay
the glitches (no mouse)
impossible game really
horrible aimer

looooooots of things to improve on

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lialia responds:

i made it in 20 minutes what do you expect???

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2.29 / 5.00

May 31, 2010
9:39 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person