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[kk]muhammad Hentai Xxx

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sexxy muhammed

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Is that song in the intro is by Alestorm?

good kitty

now work on your animation.

Deep Flash Indeed

Great intro, additionally, the intricate details of this flash are amazing. I was left to wonder what will happen later and think about how Beedog's home life was. Honestly, the ending was completely unexpected. Great flash.

KovioXZ responds:

thank you my good man


Ok so I havnt been on Newgrounds, in forever. Now I remember why...anyone with a hacked copy of flash can make a 20 minute video of a spinning dog and put in in here.

KovioXZ responds:

im a l33t h4ck3r1!!!

well i liked it....

the beedog was cute, the tin of spam crashing into the newgrounds ship is open to interpretation (hehe), and the music was varied (heavy metal followed by kiddy dance pop? i lol'd :D)

For all those giving negative reviews and saying you've seen this "crap" 5 times today in other [kk] flashes then why the hell did you expect any different this time, are your skills of pattern recognition THAT bad???? you call these guys idiots and yet you're the one that keeps looking at these flashes and complaining just cos you can't fap!

You don't like it, don't watch it!

You want porn, then go on a futha-mucking porn site!

and just to drive my point on home.........

Newgrounds, EVERTHING BY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is all :)

KovioXZ responds:

you are a pretty cool guy

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2.89 / 5.00

May 30, 2010
11:57 PM EDT