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this is my first ever flash game done for a college project. so be fair when commenting or rating :)
the song contained in this game is S├Âldner-X- Himmelsst├╝rmer ~ Big Trouble.

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On top

It would be really helpful if you added a health bar, and some special attacks o.o Other than that its great!

>_> I'd love to see...SHINING FINGER! :D Or blitz shot..

Me Likee

Like others said great game for your first. You can build on this a lot , and you probly alredy know it. Personaly I think you should add a boss and more enemies.
Keep at it!

Quick and Simple

This game is fun for a couple of minutes relaxation, but somehow I feel it does not reach potential. The graphics are simple and suit well for the game, but there are other aspects I'm not so sure about.

The first is the movements of the objects, with not only the player and the enemies, but also the room itself. The player is able to move outside the view, almost to an infinite distance away, making it possible for it to be lost. I'd suggest restricting the movement for the top, left and side to stop the player from being able to leave the view.

Still with the first point, I have also noticed that the player can move through the room to the right, allowing enemies to come quicker. I do not know if that was intended or it was an error, but something that does not appear to add to the game should be fixed. I suggest either removing the feature or adding sprites to show that the player is moving through a level and not just wandering aimlessly.

The enemies themselves appear to just repeat themselves, having the three red and one blue looping over and over again. They may vary in speed, but they still appear to be the same four. It also seems that when hit with the bullet or 'laser beam', their score is only about 50 or so but ends up being about 350-400 as the bullet passes through it. Again, either it is an error with the code or an unnecessary feature that should be fixed.

The enemies also seem to appear on the menu screen when you hit 'Restart' after losing the game, something that could be fixed by destroying all enemies when pressed. It is a small problem, but something that makes a big impact.

There are a couple of peeves, like the wording of the controls ('How to shoot' instead of just 'Shoot'), but this is a fairly good first game. Good work.

One touch and you die.

Thats harsh man. But there is a lot of effort here. Not bad.

Great job!

You've done a great job on this, for a first flash, it's one heck of a good start, keep improving!

omnislash777 responds:

Thanks man I'm glad you like it. I know it's not perfect but I will sort out the unfixed issues in the near future and perhaps complete the production of the game if I get enough positive feedback :)


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3.17 / 5.00

May 30, 2010
6:09 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight