Zombie Warfare

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Note: Press P to pause while in game to access your options menu. This is very important if you are having any lag as turning on low quality and turning off blood can help reduce lag. Also if you want to mute the game or turn off the screen shaking effect that occurs when you shoot a zombie you can do that in the pause menu as well.

In Zombie Warfare your mission is to survive the incoming onslaught of zombies for 30 straight waves. In between each wave you'll get to spend the money you earn on new weapons, upgrades, and more. You will have to face two bosses in this game one on wave 15 and one on wave 30. Think you can survive the Zombie Warfare?

Arrows / AWSD keys to move your character. Mouse to aim and shoot. Number keys (1-5) to switch weapons. Space bar to activate rage when available(Doubles speed and makes shots faster and more powerful. Rage charges as you kill zombies.) P to pause and access options.

Update 5/31/10: Thanks for daily second I really appreciate it. Its my best award yet for what I think is my best game ever, thanks for your support everyone. Edit: I updated the game with a better preloader which should prevent many of the bugs players were experiencing from happening.


Very Simple Yet Fun

its very fun but the leveling factor of this game makes it to easy i was on wave 4 and it was to simple unfortunately but i still loved it for its a zombie shooter and i agree with others it could use a few more guns otherwise loved it keep up the good work!


Pretty good game, but I ran across a bug. On the minimap on wave 13, it says there's one more zombie left in the top left corner of the map (bottom right corner of the screen), but I couldn't find it.
Not sure if there's a set number of zombies on each wave, but in those 13 waves, I ended up with 427 counted. So if #428 is a bug or not, I thought I'd let you know.

not bad

-nice upgrade system well thought out and with a nice touch in the descriptions
-pretty solid gameplay i had no problems as far as the coding went

to be improved:-
-i've always thought one of the things that always lets zombie games like these down is thier lack of a "swarm" instead they follow you in an identical line bunching up in the same small space, it would be nice to have more of a crowd than a blur of arms once you get to the further levels
-your characters was a little unfluid more of a person floating about
-while i think that your upgrade system was great the choice of weapons was limited and it took some considerable saving to gain the better guns, maybe a lesser amount of money for the better guns?
my only other things i thought was that the choice ofa box whilst fair and even meant that it was very easy to get bord of the map quickly variations every few waves would be welcome

thats all i have to say hope it helps =)


good game

the game was great could use a few minor changes. like more weapon diversity just the pistol and the uzi got old quick. I also found the game far to easy but that may be because i did'nt get past wave ten due to the same glich as WoodenGlasses.

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Ab9003 responds:

Still trying to diagnose the bug and see whats happening. Haven't figured it out yet. If you could PM me any info thatd be great. Also if you wouldn't mind giving it another go I'd like to hear if it happens again. Do you play near the corners or generally move around near the center?

Fine game, but it gets a little bit repeating...

You know, first of all i want to say, that these games are everywhere. Zombieshooters, and stuff like that. Some are good, some are bad, and some are fantastic. This one is pretty decent. Sorry.

The graphics are great. No doubt in that. The zombies, yourself, the blood, and so on. Although, there's some few things..
1. When the zombies dies, they just - Dissapear in a pile of blood. And the bloodpile was from the shot, that killed it. That's a little bit unrealistic. A quick deathscene of a zombie would be great.
2. There's a need for new maps, or just a better one. The "4 holes in a box" arena is a little bit old, nowadays. Sadly. Take Boxhead zombies, as an example. They have made many maps for the game. And i don't think, that the maps are the hardest things to do. Am i right?
3. It was a little bit laggy. Or, there were laggspikes, when i was standing in the middle. And my computer isn't from the stone age. 4GB RAM, and a 2.26 GHz Processor. But whatsoever. That's not the subject.

The shopsystem? 2 things, it needs. It needs - Balancing, and maybe some pictures?
The gun is freaking unbalanced. You can upgrade the speed, to shoot faster, for nearly no money. The same thing with the strength. When i got in lvl 3, i had the 3rd armor, and the rest was used for the gun. It killed nearly all the enemies in One fucking shot.. And it shot like, 1 bullet each second. I was - In lvl 6 standing in the corner, and just.. Shooting the zombies. I didn't move. I didn't lose any HP. I did the same in the middle. Same effect. Please, make it harder.
And the shopmenu needs a little makeover. It's nice, but not something to go around and brag about. Sorry, again.
The gameplay is fine. I didn't find any flaws, except the thing that your char doesn't have to reload.. Would be very, very nice to have a reload mechanism...

Also, it would be nice with a flashlight function. And a little bit more realistic walk. I don't know why - But the walking was just unrealistic..

That was all the critisism i had =) GL & HF. I'm looking foward to see your next games, because of one thing:
You've got talent, dude. Keep up the good work.

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Ab9003 responds:

I appreciate the feedback I really do and that last sentence put a smile on my face. The biggest request as far as new content tends to be new maps so its one of the first things on my list for the sequel.

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3.66 / 5.00

May 30, 2010
12:01 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional
  • Daily 2nd Place May 31, 2010