Link's boss fight

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well, this here is my first flash movie. its silent because i honestly don't know how to add sound but that's one of the reasons i uploaded it, if you guys could tell me how to add sound i would be forever great full

the beginning starts out kind of rough but i get better towards the end... trust me

also how do you make gif pictures that aren't animated... OK now I'm done

in case you were wondering what pico says its " HEY this is Zelda, 3 hits n ur OUT!

EDIT: add a preloader after hours of editing and just plain figuring out where it was downloaded to.



dude! his face at the end. totally priceless i freaking love it! I can<t freaking wait for you to put our first awkward blobs flash up!

Black and White

Relly liked it. I love it when animations don't have colour donno why, just one of my things i guess haha, what i relly liked was the detail you put into every frame, you see alot of people who start to get bored near the middle and rush it, it looked great and i wish you the best of luck with any future animations

Plus im a big fan of the Zelda series so thumbs up bud haha

supersayinshogun responds:

thanks a lot fellow Zelda fan i appreciate your tastes.


The movie has potential, no question about that. I'm no professional, so I'm not going to lecture you about anything, however.

An easy way to add sound is first to find what the folder with the sounds you want, then drag the sounds into the Library area in Flash, and lastly pull the sounds into the movie in the frame you want it. If you want a more detailed way to do it, Google is your friend :)

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supersayinshogun responds:

thanks alot, i forgot that freakin google knows all... i honestly did i was too absorbed by this site.


good job on your first flash! i am trying myself too! keep at it and good luck!

PS i like the black & white style, not too much of that anymore, gives it a better feel and different from most Zelda / Link animations!

supersayinshogun responds:

thanks alot for the review, i was thinking of adding color to add appeal to a larger audience but i think this gets the job done.

Good job

For your first animation, this is okay. Just keep working on flash and you'll get better.

Btw, I know how to add sound in flash, but which flash are you using? and I can make a 46x46 gif picture for you, if you want me to.

supersayinshogun responds:

adobe flash cs3 professional, and well id rather know how to do it my self just for the sake of knowing.

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2.66 / 5.00

May 30, 2010
6:53 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody