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Time to Play

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Just a short animation I made in one day (music made on a separate day). Everything was drawn on paper, then photographs were taken and edited.

It's about 3 robots which live for 60 minutes. The animation follows one robot which, instead of playing, decides to try and reach a balloon.

Ignore the icon, I was annoyed by the icon submission limitations.

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What a twisted fun little movie

Depressing as Hell, yet powerful! The artwork was done very well, and the whole concept is unique, great job!


This movie featured a great, innovative and stylish paper character animation style. Along with wonderfully drawn backgrounds and an intriuging plot. The only problem I found with your paper tweened characters were that some parts of there body (especially their mouths) had a much darker shade that the rest of their body. Did you use a scanner whilest making this because some of the backgrounds' image qualities were pretty low, and if you don't have one you should definitely get one if you are going to continue making cartoons like this.

I found almost no problems with this cartoon and look forward to seeing more work by you in a similar style!


I really love that you made this on paper. It don't know how to describe it or what to call it - it just has something amazing over it. I'm adding this to my favorites!

Strangely distrubing and brilliant!

The Good:
+Very strange, in a good way.
+Great style. Very unique. That balloon had one sinister-looking smile.
+The sound, while repetitive, fits the theme of the movie perfectly.
+Ending was just as bizarre as the rest of the movie, but completed it perfectly.

The Bad:
-Nothing, actually. Very good short.

Verdict: 4/5