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Phoenix Wrong: SPAM

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I'm finally done with this.

Yes, it's short. Yes, it's sprites.

Yes, it's Phoenix Wrong.

No, it is not a multitude collection of pop-culture lip-synch parody skits like traditional Phoenix Wrong.

It is SPAM, as the genre implies. It is lots of SPAM. It is singing about SPAM. It is the six-man Manfred Chorus, backed up by the Judge and a dancing can of SPAM.

Wendy Oldbag: "Have you got anything without SPAM in it?!"

No. No, I do not.




Post-Judgement Note: Woo-hoo! It passed! Now I feel like I could bring out the real effort, and do some more stuff! But...it'll have to wait until after I get some sleep.

Good night, everyone, and thanks for being a good audience!

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Classic, I wanted still someone to shout objection at the end of it lol.

kadenkoba responds:

Aw, you know what?

I probabaly should have thrown that in there at least once. I'm a bit embarrassed that I didn't think of that.

Ah, well. The next Phoenix Wrong that comes from me certainly will have that.


good if not in bitmap

kadenkoba responds:

The screen size was too large for your taste, I take it? That's the only reason why any of the sprites would look pixelated.

But the next Phoenix Wrong that comes from me will have a smaller screen, since I'm not putting nearly as much stuff--er--SPAM into it.

a little off

the sound was off by like .3 seconds but other wise pretty good

kadenkoba responds:

I agree.

I knew the sync was off in a couple spots, but I couldn't find out where in the timeline that I could adjust it to fix that.


It's pretty good keep it up

kadenkoba responds:

Making anyone laugh is the point behind why I made this.

There will be MOAR. Just not necessarily spriting or Phoenix Wrong...yet...