Megaman The Robo Wars Ep2

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Yeah I got lazy last week and was also testing 18 fps per second. This is my first actual flash using 18 fps and so it seems sorta short. Well guys enjoy.

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Much better

I think that this episode as a bit of an improvement due to the sprite movement being a whole hell of a lot faster & smoother and there was a lot more action between Megaman and the boss robots also i got some laughs too so overall you did a hell of a lot better on this episode than the last.


It's a bit confusing though. On who is on who's side. You may need to clear that up soon. I do like the idea though. Also liked the idea of the robot masters from MM9 being on Light's side. I think you should concentrate on the story for a few episodes, before you get into the action, but that's just me. Keep up the good work though.

Finally a megaman!

megeman was awsome, the bosses, music, everything!:)

DjangoEX responds:

Thanks! Make sure to watch the first ep also


I really liked the action scenes and wished you had included more. Perhaps you're waiting to include those in future movies *shrugs*

Eitherway, great sprite animation!

DjangoEX responds:

Yea I'm actually waiting to use 1 episode (probbably the nest 1) As a giant War scene.


Good animation. i like too megaman, your fighting scenes are good but you can get them better doing it more longer.
i recommend you see mi megaman animations the 3rd one is the best at the moment.
i'm working on 18 fps now too. but im gonna to try the 24 fps.

DjangoEX responds:

Your animations are REALLY good. I especially like your fight scenes. I just can't tell wat was going on in the story though.

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4.61 / 5.00

May 28, 2010
12:42 PM EDT