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Endless War: Defense

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Endless war series continues with a new game and now you don't have to kill enemies by yourself, let your soldiers do the fight!
Build up a perfect defense in 14 missions of 3 campaigns and try to survive in survival mode.

Tips and tricks:
- Select a unit and press Space totoggle manual control.
- Spend some time for building at the begining of the mission
- Don't underestimate infantry. The're cheap and effective against all types of enemies
- Call for reinforcements if enemy strikes too hard

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i have flashbacks...and wanna know something? they are full of joy, i had been attached to a computer since i was 4 or 5 yrs old, i didn't have access to a lot of games (i am an argentinian and as some may know, most of us don't understand how to buy games via steam or so) so i used good old browser and flash! i haved lots of hours of joy with this one, now that i am capable of telling you this, i want to thank you for this game, and all the hours of joy i had, thanks :')

Pretty fun, but the 'winning move' for nigh every mission seems to be spamming trenches with whatever the best units you have available.

fuk dis gud

do another non vehicle endless war

If you love men of war then this is your flash game.