Epic Hard Core Collab!!!!

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"Albinoblacksheep.com is having their TOPA competition again, oh man! We kicked so much ass in that the other year with this AWESOME EPIC COLLAB FUCK YEAH!!!!! Collab's are so awesome coz we get to show off how AWESOME and EPIC we are with our EPIC ANIMASHUN ZKILLS!!!!!!!!1

Now I know a lot of ppl were complaining coz of the inconsistent art styles WELL FUCK YOU ITS' A COLLAB AND WE ARE ALL UNQIUE INDIVIDUALS WITH OUR OWN UINQUE ART STYELZ BRO!!! But no its cool, I hope you all enjoy this as much as the TOPA judges did! (no homo)"

- Fillip (Collab Project Leader)

OKAY but seriously, this movie is a parody of those "Flash Collabs" where everyone involved has gigantic egos instead of art skills, and gigantic boners for Link & Mario instead of co-operation. I pray you will not take it seriously.
The real, actual TOFA is happening again this year, so don't miss it. Click the link in the preloader for more deets.

- Cybersp0nge


haha the ending was nice :)

it was goddam weird, but thats pretty much it

Okay, I can tell this is supposed to be shit, but the thing is that if you want to make fun of something for being shit, you have to do a real fucking good job at being a worthless little shit. I mean really put some effort into the piece of utter crap you show us rather than give us a piece of utter crap.

well why the fuck not!
thanks for the epilepsy!

The title does not lie 0-0

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3.23 / 5.00

May 28, 2010
3:33 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody