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This just came because i couldn't be bothered to start a colab piece. Soooo i did a sort of cinematic prequel to what should have been a 2d free running romp.
This guys morning starts out pretty crappy. Sunday morning and he has to go to work. To be fair it is 10:35 but hey, student jobs...
Not much else to say. Thanks to supperbas and animcafe etc etc.


Good art, sounds and cinematics.

The general art was awesome. So were the sounds, including your voice. The cinematics were good too but that time that you zoomed the vcam to the right when the view was outside the bathroom door was pretty quick. You could've slowed that down at the pace of the stickman walking, but I assume you were trying to avoid that, since you haven't animated movement in a while.
You should practice simple walking loops to get a hang of it. Try using the grid at first (alt + ') and you might finally get used to it and get good pieces of work. Watch yourself walking in the mirror or watch someone else walking until you see what it should look like.
I think you should do some lip syncing. It would be nice and entertaining.
Anyways, I hope this was helpful.

Nice graphics.

Well the preloader took abit but after it got started, he play screen was rather "BLAND" you had some fancy text button, but the black backround just seemed abit too bland, maybe you could spice it up with colors and backrounds and other stuff thats related to you flash, just something that could improve on this even if its kust a little change, It might have even been nice to have the button change color when you roll over it, I like this flash you have here because it has some nice and smooth graphics, and even abit of nice effects like some blurrs here and there, so the story of this was ok but just seemed unfinished guess one should know more of the other story this may come from, but for the mostpart i liked it, just seems way too short, but hope to see more of your work with some good improving. Maybe next time we will see a much longer one and more content, untill then good luck.

Some menu button and menu upgrades, make the story longer and less confusing, and maybe a little compressing aswell

A good but short flash nice graphics.


UnderlingX responds:

Thanks a lot ill try and work on all those points. I'm not really sure this story would make any more sense what ever i tell you. It was just me practicing. I havent animated in like a year so i thought it practice graphics n stuff.

Good cinematics

But i cant let you into the collab with a tryout like this i need fast fluid motion to see your skill in 2-d animating, just make a short simple combo, thats fine, though, the cinematics where pretty good, might have used some music though.

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UnderlingX responds:

lol ill make my actual tryout now. I just got destracted by creating shiny shiny graphics.

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May 27, 2010
6:32 PM EDT
Comedy - Original