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LL - Stupid Distractions!

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I'm a day late and that sucks. Hopefully this makes up for the lateness.
This movie is short and sucks, but MTG is so really fun and so I got distracted and this was all i could make in the time I had.

Also Flash decided to not save the file, so I am now unable to go back and improve this, it's stuck this way. So everything had better work right!



Is that you? Haha, happy lockday.

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Tails-Lock responds:

I assume you mean, am I me? Yes. Am I the person voicing myself? No. Am I Dio Lock who was also in this flash? Yes.
Do we know each other? I don't remember a Sun Lock.

hahahahah funny

funny movie, i like it, but seriously, I think it's ok that you are 1 day late, it's cool :), so don't worry about it :D, this flash was funny. keep up the good work 3/5

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if you hate spike decks

hater's gonna hate against infect decks

Tails-Lock responds:

I thought the old poisen decks were bad, but infect is just silly powerful. you become hesitant to block because your creatures get -1/-1'd and your life may as well be 10 and be un-increasable. I love proliferate, but all that does it add to the overpoweredness of infection. Cards these days seem to have barely any restraints at all. At least the insanely powerful Eldrazi were expensive to cast...

What game are you guys playing?

Also it was funny how the table completely fell over without anything touching it.

Tails-Lock responds:

We were playing Magic The Gathering. The original battling card game that all others totally ripped off of. Also it's crazy fun and I am awesome at it.


Hado and his failed voice acting XD

also, it sucks that your late :(

Tails-Lock responds:

Hado was trying to sound like me and I think he did fairly well for barely having heard me before. Also It's not like I gave him much time to prepare. I am just glad that he was there to do it because no-one else would. Bryan who voiced the other guy actually did not want me using his voice clip, but there simply was no-one else at the time.
Of course, I really wanted you to do the voice of me, but you were offline.

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4.07 / 5.00

May 27, 2010
5:43 PM EDT