LL - Stupid Distractions!

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I'm a day late and that sucks. Hopefully this makes up for the lateness.
This movie is short and sucks, but MTG is so really fun and so I got distracted and this was all i could make in the time I had.

Also Flash decided to not save the file, so I am now unable to go back and improve this, it's stuck this way. So everything had better work right!

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You did miss it

I guess you're one of those users who will simply never die? Of course, myself as a reviewer will never die too! This was decent in its own right because it had some impressive animation. While I doubt you were intending to make something that great, it is nice for you to submit something that's nice for a quick laugh. I am used to seeing clock submissions get high scores I was confused as to why this was not on Clock Day. Seriously, this is probably the highest rated flash on Lock Day!

I guess people were just eager to give out some 5's to you and you are talented enough to deserve them. It's impressive with how you've manged to become so popular. I liked the contrasting style that was shown on the card's font. The loading screen was also very creative. I would not know if the Locks have an intro everyone uses on their day like the Clocks do.

Tails-Lock responds:

A user who will never die? I guess so. Kinda makes me imagine myself as a zombie though, refusing to fianlly succumb to death, when I actually wanted to be a super famous Flash animator. Also as for teh score, most of my movies have the highest score out of all Lock and Clock movies submitted on the same day as I am a 5 addict. That's right, I vote 5 on my own movies. I am a horrible person.
This movies was much shorter than I remember, but then it was made in almost no time at all as well. It really does not deserve it's score. Heck, it probably should have been blammed.
I think there was an official Lock Day preloader, but I made my own because I am cool and...Actually I made it a while ago I think and never got a chance to use it, so I did. I didn't know where to get the official preloader anyway.

Seeing these poor attempts at movies really get me down. I'm meant to be better than this.

if you hate spike decks

hater's gonna hate against infect decks

Tails-Lock responds:

I thought the old poisen decks were bad, but infect is just silly powerful. you become hesitant to block because your creatures get -1/-1'd and your life may as well be 10 and be un-increasable. I love proliferate, but all that does it add to the overpoweredness of infection. Cards these days seem to have barely any restraints at all. At least the insanely powerful Eldrazi were expensive to cast...

happens all the time

I know what thats like... I started playing mtg again recently and it is the closest thing to timetravel i've ever encountered

Tails-Lock responds:

lol yeah. Coincidentaly about...47 minutes ago, I just had a rather epic match again. Lost to a guy spamming +1/+1 counters. Spike decks are annoying.


I swear, 75% of your flashes are about you missing a day XD ~Dannydk6

Tails-Lock responds:

This is the first time I missed a day, the rest of the time I realise ON the day. However I am very aware that Clockday is coming up soon so I will have no real excuse this time for messing my new movie up.

What game are you guys playing?

Also it was funny how the table completely fell over without anything touching it.

Tails-Lock responds:

We were playing Magic The Gathering. The original battling card game that all others totally ripped off of. Also it's crazy fun and I am awesome at it.

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3.88 / 5.00

May 27, 2010
5:43 PM EDT