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This is my end of the year project for Advanced Digital Graphics, made all by myself. Made in about 2 weeks.

Basically, I've been writing this story since practically the 5th grade. I've always wanted to see it become a movie or something, and I felt like doing something about it for this class. However 2 weeks is not nearly enough time to make a movie, so I made a trailer.

The Evoblade.
Written by Alex Garcia.

Thanks again to everyone. :D

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Kinda cheesy

Nice idea but the cheesy Hero thats gonna save the world with a magic sword is getting kinda old becasue whats clearly gonna happen is he gonna run around kill some people in some crazy way then have a big fight of with the big boss guy with some cool smug look his face and everyones gonna cheer and have some cheesy fade out.

But Non the less nice job and i hope your animation is succesful its just not for me :)

Lavidon responds:

Yeah, this sort of thing doesn't appeal to everyone. What you said is true, but I am trying to keep this from just being your average RGP story. Thanks though.


I Loved this, the music was awsome, The animation needs a little work but it was obviously not the centerpiece for this clip.

Keep working on the story. You have a fantastic thing going here. Please make the movie in its entirety. I will be sure to watch.

Ok. Please read this.

This story has a great and original premise, but you need to be careful. You need to make sure that the writing and delivery is spot on or you will lose people. That is going to hards since have good voice actors is key to that. Effects also need to come into play. For example, If you had more time and had focused on the scene were the the two planets meet, that could be one of the most fantastic things on Newgrounds thus far. Your protagonist, being the bloke with the sword, needs to have a very deep emotional and physical trials, seeing that he is basically on a planet were everyone wants to kill him without a 2nd thought. But by the same token, a series about a guy by himself is kinda boring, I would think of some way to get himself some friends. Look...in summary, you need to focus on quality and presentation if you want this potentially amazing story noticed. Just think about it...

keep doing you best,

-Isaac Shadow

You have something here

You have something good here, i really enjoyed how the story is, It could be fixed up it has a few gliches and the music seems to cut off but in the end i enjoyed it, so i hoe you do improve on this one.

Great idea

I love this concept. The story sounds really neat.

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May 27, 2010
4:18 PM EDT