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Clucky Ep9: The Sassin

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Clucky and the gang find a NEW friend! But is there something he's not telling them?

This one took a while do to procrastination.


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why is it okay to say bitch but shit is bleeped?

Brewster responds:

shit's a baaaaaaaaaaad word

not bad.

but how come these ones are short as hell? meh, whatever nice job anyway.

Brewster responds:

To build the suspense.

Very cute and funny

Ok so this is probablt my first episode to see on this why i have not seen the others not sure, but anyways, Great "MENU" screen i really like all the color and nifty looking designs and the character is somewhat cute, i still think the bland white backround spots should also be filled just an idea or two, Ok so as i get into this you have some nice characters fresh and funny, and i like that you have a "RECAP" especially goes well for people like me who start on episode 9 heh, also some props to you for giving this some randomness to it, the characters and funny humor make this very amusing and cute so keep up that part of it, another thing to improve on this might be adding some "SUBTITLES" it would help also improving on the "AUDIO" aswell, This whole series kinda reminds me of the Eskimo bob series here on newgrounds, not sure if ya seen them but i love your style and love this series, i think i will check the others out soon.

Some subtitles to start, some filling in of bland spots on the menu screen, and some more random humor would be nice.

Overall a funny and entertaining series i like it very much.


Brewster responds:

Hmmm... Subtitles. I never thought of that before. I'll definiteley add those in the next episode. Thanks!

Not bad...

The animation wasn't too shabby, it was moderately smooth. The art wasn't anything really new, but still pretty decent. I think my one drawback is the sound, it's just a tad too quiet for me. I had to turn my volume up almost all of the way until I could clearly hear Clucky talking. Other than that drawback, this animation was pretty decent and be free to make more in the future.

Brewster responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I agree I do need to improve on my audio. It might be the quality of my microphone or maybe its just that I'm not the best voice actor. Either way thank you.

you have the frame by frame animation down

but the drawings weren't very good, also i assume that most viewers of this havent seen the past episodes like myself so in the next episode i reccommend that you make the recap more clears so we can understand the storyline, i guess i should end this on a positive note... ur animation skills are fine and i suggest animating at a higher framerate (20 fps is recommended) so ur animation comes out smoother.

Brewster responds:

Yeah I'll probably move on to a higher frame rate. I'm honestly not surprised you didn't bother to watch the other episodes. Thanks for the feedback.

Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

May 27, 2010
3:16 PM EDT

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