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Stranded on a mysterious island, it is up to you to restore peace to its villagers. Become a powerful warrior - growing your powers and abilities through over 50 quests across a distinct and visually stylized world. Discover and raise loyal pets that will fight by your side in this unique action RPG. Customize your appearance as you gain new armor and weapons from wooden sticks to elemental swords.

Tried to make a game that had elements on action RPG games like Zelda mixed with a pet system like Pokemon. Looking back at it now, I don't think I should have done an isometric view, but rather a more relaxed view that gave easier movement controls to the user. I kept some features like crafting, minigames, etc out on purpose in case there is demand for a sequel.


It's fun.

It's really fun but I feel like I need to make some suggestions. One, the the grind for EXP in the beginning felt extremely unbalanced by the time I was pretty far. Also, I hated having to hatch new pets at level one. Can you make it so that when a pet dies, you can revive them at the level when they died for some gold? Also I think you should add some kind of evolution system to make the training of your pet more worthwhile.

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Excellent Design, Unnecessary Frustration

This is a beautiful game. It looks incredibly professional. I had a blast playing it and exploring this interesting world! If you ever make another one, I'd love to see more of a story or mystery to help the player want to continue.

That being said, this game is unnecessarily frustrating. My main problems include:

1. Only one place to save. This game requires a lot of fighting and even more walking. And possibly even more dying. Why not put up a pause menu with a save feature? I wouldn't want to shoot the computer when I die for the 100th time and have to slowly 6 screens over to where I keeled over the first time.

2. The amount of wild monsters/strength of wild monsters. I am level 18 fighting level 13 monsters and I die miserably every time. The monsters are grossly imbalanced with your ability to fend so many off at a time.

3. Lack of health potions and little regeneration. At high levels you still only regenerate 5 points at a time...unacceptable when you have over 500 points. However, if monsters dropped potions, I wouldn't mind. The point is...there are many, many monsters and no time to regain health. Maybe I'm cheap, but health potions are wickedly expensive and they do not get higher than 150 points. You can't even use them until you're at a high enough level, but by then you're spending all your cash on armor/weapons. Or the potions are only healing a quarter of your health. Or you drink them like water while you fight off swarms of monsters and then have none left! Arrgh the frustration...

That being said, everything else was shaped very nicely. I had a wonderful time for most of my travels (up until Swamp March where 6 female slimes tackled me at once, which I barely beat, then got killed by a newly-spawned slime from behind! XD). You did a great job and I look forward to seeing more great work from you. Keep up the great effort!

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im stuck

like the concept, tho it lagged at bit
the music also gets annoying
i got stuck on castaway beach in the beginning, how do i get out of there?

Its good

It is a brilliant game but:

- You need a female character.
- You need to be able to revive your pet, at a cost.
- You need to increase the chance of an item drop by a monster for quests.
- You need to bring down some prices for average healing potions.
- You need to be able to have a full scale map to click on to know where you are meant to be heading. Thanks :)

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Great but...

Make an option to move with the map, this way we can click in the map and the character will go over there by himself.

Also... Our pet dying instead of just going uncounscious is a little disapointing... =(

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4.45 / 5.00

May 27, 2010
9:53 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG