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A short and simple rpg fighter.
I did make this if your wondering about the name bit at begining thats my kongregate name :P
goto my website or my kongregate whitch is Stupid_games for more of my games.

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Do not adverse sites that wish they were NewGrounds. This is a simple, basic game. You will have to improve the content, music, graphics, and gamplay in this game.

Classic Game Music

Oh, this is classic music.

not bad, here is some tips

im suprised with this game, honestly. its simple, has less-than-decent graphics, and repetitive gameplay, but i liked it. its addicting and fun, and the music isnt half bad :). also, the equipment was good. usually on a game, when i buy something to equip, the change is either extremely miniscule, or it's over the top. when i bought the equipment here, i could visibly see a change in my damage, but it wasnt too big or small. i like that :). this game could be a huge hit if you added some of the following (you dont have to add them all at once, try saving some to incorperate in later editions to keep people wanting more).

1)a wider variety of equipment
2)an involving story line (voice actors would be a nice edition, since i see so few games using them, but you dont need them to make a storyline work)
3)a world map (later versions, maybe. this may be difficult to do so dont worry as much about it. but if you can put one, it would seriously make the game funner.)
4)level-up system+a decent way to train (in case someone is stuck and they need to do some leveling)
5)pets or teammates. one on one matches can be kind of boring, but the more you add the more interesting it gets.
6)greater variety of attacks/skills+ a way to heal yourself in battle (definitely a must if you plan on furthering this rpg game into a series)
7)MORE ITEMS -- i cant stress this enough dude. bombs cant be your only item, its no fun. especially if your attack is far more useful anyways.
8)on-screen HUD (hp-bar, mp-bar, and things like that)
9)a status screen
10)an inventory screen
11)enemies that drop items in battle
12)a pause menu
13) work on the graphics some :) good graphics can truly make or break a game (i've seen it happen on newgrounds lol)
14)equip screen
15)customizable characters (different hair-styles, skin colors, facial hair, clothes, and seperate character classes would be a huge improvement)
16)a way to upgrade your current weapons, or to infise them with different elements and effects (like poison, or sleep, etc)
17)a description of each items effects (normally, most games seem to have this, but ones that dont kind-of annoy me, mainly because i buy something and have no idea how in the world to use it. this game doesnt have it, and its driving me crazy trying to figure out what in the world the red, white, green, yellow, and cross items even do!)
18)more battles
19)seperate difficulty levels, so that your game is available to anyone, despite their gaming experiences
20)a way to change the background music (this was last-minute, but the repetitiveness is kind annoying now lol)

this is all i can think of right now, but if i think of more ill let you know :) if you do plan to make this game a series, im really looking forward to it, and i hope i helped :D. if not, then LOL to you >:P

pretty good

try improving the graphics LUL


needs more upgrades :(

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2.75 / 5.00

May 27, 2010
3:08 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG