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What's in the Block?

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Hahaha don't kill me, I know it's another Mario and Luigi animation... BUTTT... I kept seeing those cool sprite animations other people do, sooooo I decided to try it! Jeremy Simms orrrr BigFoot as he's called here does really funny animations.... soooooooo I decided to make one like he does! I hope you guys enjoy it!

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Very funny! Like Castle Calamity it had a mix of clips where Mario and Luigi find whats in the ? box.

heh heh. reminds me of the ol mario vs castle flashes

hahahaha nice love the noise from mario 64 when he touches lava or gets a freezerburn thats my favorite noise nicely done and what where the mario and luigi sprites from are they custom sprites


Thats going in my favorites

O.o omg

you just made me downright scared of those blocks. who knows, maybe a nuke pops out of my console when i hit one?!

haha. it was done funny, this kind o random stuff is awsome, now, just work a bit on animations on the charakters, then it's gonna be epic