Gaia Adventures 2.2

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The 5th episode to my old sprite series based on GaiaOnline.

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"I'm not even sure if it's even worth continuing the series." Did I just really hear you say that? God help me I should punch you in the face! I have been on Gaiaonline.com since 2002! I have been following your series man! Gaia back then til 2007 was amazing! I had so many influences on RP and animated things! Gaia online back then was heavily influence by anime and the biggest one of all fantasy rpg games! Final Fantasy being the best and awesome influence on Gaia! I always had a special feeling that made me happy on gaia, play with friends by fishing or slots or cards! There was no dumb rally, zomg, etc! Back then it was amazing and people actually put lol because they meant it! You brought that special feeling back man! The Gaia that we old Gaians used to know and love! I can see in the early flashes and the flash Gaia Adventures, were possibly influence by Final Fantasy. You also pulled off a really cute and romantic scene that is seen in awesome anime and Final Fantasy in Gaia Adventures 0 when Killit and Mia were talking around the water fountain! Your awesome man! Continue with the series! Don't give up, deliver the old Gaia to the people who once knew it! All of us once back then though our Gaia's were powerful in our own imaginary way! You bring that back and to life! Continue with it man! Sincerely- Ratchel. (Hehe, my friend is going to freak since this is his account and the whole speech sounded girly!)

Killit666 responds:

Thanks for the pep talk lol.

good but short

i'ts been a long time since you submitted something, but this is quite short on the other side it might took a very long time to animate those static avatars

Killit666 responds:

Yeah I don't have much to work with so animating every gaia avatar in the movie takes awhile. This episode was supposed to be longer but the filesize got a little too big. I'm not even sure if it's even worth continuing the series. Thanks for the comment.


that was fucken....PIMPEN


i know it took a lot of time making this flash. and it turned out awesome.


Some of the sprites look iffy, but the majority of them are fantastically done. I was impressed how you were able to use such limited sprites in such a flash animation.

Also, when I clicked on this, I thought "Maybe it's about GaiaOnline?... Nah, no way." But lookie here. :P

I'll keep an eye out for your up-and-coming work. 5/5 and 9/10.

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4.92 / 5.00

May 26, 2010
3:25 PM EDT