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My response to Lock Day. In warning, it's about 4 minutes long

I learned a lot from this project. Like, I suck at keeping to a schedule. Voice actors don't always turn in their lines; have a backup ready. Aaaand... I suck at animating. Pretty much, this entire video is a complete failure except for the script, which in itself is mediocre at best. Oh, and the music. The music is not mine, so of course it's BA!

EDIT 1: Credited one voice actor and increased the quality of the sound.

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Pretty creative

This was an interesting flash you made for Lock Day 2010,the animation looked good and seemed like a great style for the flash,the voice acting was real good too and the concept of the flash was creative,overall i think you did a real good job on your contribution for Lock Day 2010.

And you can guess why I'm here.

Well, it's obvious, isn't it?
Well, I thought I would have a look at this flash submission, and although the animation quality isn't exactly great in some areas, it has a very strong plot, which is something some flashes on NG don't have.
(But a finished version of this would help you get a higher score)
But ah, I like the use of my music in this flash I have to say, it sets the mood.

Anyways, 9/10 due to incomplete animation, but thanks for using my audio. ;D

I'm confused.

But uh, Happy Lock Day I think. Farenheit 451 was a pretty good book too.

pretty dang good

Thanks for letting me voice in this

now, just some advice, whenever you get other VA's for you, you might want to higher up the sound a bit, so the audio levels are equal and not way outta left feild. That way it would sound natural and not have people below me blame my (expensive) microphone or my editing system

supersysscvi responds:

Thanks a bunch!
For both lending your voicing talent and the advice. I've got a lot to learn, and sound isn't my strength, so I've made certain to increase both the volume and the quality for future edits. All your hard work sounds [more] like it's there!

Good luck with your future projects!


Wtf am I watching?

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4.46 / 5.00

May 26, 2010
3:21 PM EDT