Red Storm 2: Survival

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Killer 5 Points

Required Kills: 500

Scout 5 Points

Required 3 completed Missions, and Explored: 80% of all maps.

Sergent 5 Points

Gives Experience: +5%. Required Hero Level: 6.

Mayor 10 Points

Required Hero Level: 12. Gives Experience: +10%.

Murderer 10 Points

Required Kills: 1000

Shop-addict 10 Points

Required Money spent: 5000.

Survivor 10 Points

Required Missions done: 2, Deads less then 3.

Shopaholic 25 Points

Required Money spent: 15000.

Explorer 50 Points

Required 5 completed Missions, and Explored: 99% of all maps.

Untouchable 100 Points

Required 4 completed Missions , with no deads during them.

Author Comments

The Soviets have returned! It's the year 2189 and a special mech assault unit has been sent to the planet Mars to deal with the looming threat from the Soviet base! Guide your mech fighters through a series of dangerous missions and eradicate the enemy from the planet!

One big level and new mode - Survival.
Multyplayer - just for fun, if you d like to shoot some users.
If you have any suggestion or feedback - plz let me know it.

Repair works each time you clear room from enemies.
Saves works by default - each time you win level game save your stats.

Use WASD/Arrows for MOVE and Mouse to Fire & Aim.
Shortcuts: I - Inventory, M - Map, T - Mute, Space - Call next wave(Survival).

Get some Damage upgrades - they will increase your damage.
Use some Repair upgrades - they will heal you after each battle.
If you wanna try out your build - go in Survival Room.
Multyplayer - is just for fun - no real game there. Still working on it.

Update [27.05.10](tnx to yodaman132, and other who submit bugs): fixed bugs with bosses, door to nowhere, and small stuff.
Update [29.05.10] - some minor fixes.
Update [30.05.10] - saves fixed, hp adds/removes fixed, new mech inventory fixed.
Update [01.06.10] - fixes to some rooms, and how shop generates items to sell.
Update [15.06.10] - fixed 15th lvl bug - now you can go up. saves should work as well.

TNX for 3th Daily and FP!

PS Portals - if you need version without mtx - just pm me with your domain, i will make version for you.


Nice game...

Its a good game. Nice graphics, easy controls, smooth game play, not hard to get far. Upgrading weapons isn't difficult. Has glitches, can be fixed. No real biggie. The game it's self, I give a 8.
However this is New Grounds. Games here are ment to be free. This means having access to the entire game with out having to spend any money. Or any undo effort. Uploading this kind of game, which really is a great game, and forcing any one who wishes to experience 100% of the content, must pay a price, to do so...as the English say, is "Bad Form."
This is looked down upon by any and all members of New Grounds who appreciate what this site stands for. It truly makes me sad to give this decently made game a 1.
In conclusion, Its a great game. Don't make people pay money to experience all what this has to offer. If you are however in it to make money, go to a real company. Don't post it on New Grounds.

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Save Function Mystery?

The save function of this is quite mysterious. I could've sworn I left the game at lvl 8, yet I reload and find myself to be lvl 4 with the exact same equip I had on when I left. Funny thing is that the equip was too high for lvl 4, yet it was still equipped.

Overall, pretty nice game.


I like mechs. I like heavily armed mechs. I like blowing things up with heavily armed mechs.

There were a few glitches I noticed, such as movement problem where my mech would continue walking over a ledge while I was trying to go elsewhere. Also one of the shops didn't work when I came back to it.
This of course reminds me a lot of the old school Smash TV game for Super Nintendo. The biggest problem I found with this game was that ALL the enemies shoot at you unerringly, and immediately collapse on your position, destroying you quickly at point blank range. If some were melee attackers, or AoE self-destructors, I think as a player you'd get more enjoyment and challenge out of utilizing the obstacles in the rooms, which I'm sure is the whole point. Currently in level two, a room has 10-15 mobile shooters, 4-6 static shooters, and a circling shooting leader (or three). You disappear quickly in the hail of incoming bullets and lasers. No fun at all.
Failing that, some in-fight power ups would spice it up, shields, nukes, AI helpers...something!
I didn't invest more than half an hour in this game, unlike some other unfortunate players it would seem. Perhaps I didn't get to see some of the advanced content, but I doubt it.

Badim responds:

try campaign two - there should be some!

6 stars for you, good sir.

The gameplay was OK, but having to pay REAL LIFE money for a mech?
That's just awful.
Also, looking at the amount of glitches, this just isn't worth paying real money for.

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got to level 12 then got reset

Do Not play this game, it does not work properly, does not save and will delete your hours of progress if you try to quit and restart at any point. It also had me start at -65 hp at some point... Lost a lot of hours. DO NOT PLAY! Is Broken!

Badim responds:

100% saves will work after each level.
for temp saves in levels - i just uploaded new version, will be approved soon.
sorry about that. pm me, i will gift you some premium stuff, if you like.

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Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

May 26, 2010
10:44 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun