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Robotic Emergence

rated 4.15 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Real-time (RTS)

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May 26, 2010 | 8:50 AM EDT

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In the future, robots rule the world. Build factories and energy plants to create masses of robots for your army. Battle against an opposing army as you crash into the enemy base for rule over their technology and the world.


Use your mouse to place factories on your land and extend your roads for careful building of your city.

Use your robots to create a powerful army to overtake the opposing forces.

Defeat a stage to unlock factories and more levels.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I read a lot of reviews about the endurance thing, so I tried it out myself. I thought there is no way it would stay like this, the enemy would eventually build some more stuff and eventually overtake me, so I left it on overnight after I maxed out my own area. A full 12 hours later, the game clock read 13000 seconds and I had 124000 dollars in dead robots. the enemy was virtually the same, with just one more building completely maxed out. I don't think it's that the enemy isn't making money, because you still get some when you use an emp, and he used them often. It could be just that the AI of the opponent isn't good enough to keep building the neccesary buildings to keep going. Not entirely sure, but after 12 hours you'd think he'd have built more than one new building.

Other than that however, the game itself is very fun to play, I mean I took the time to build a huge robot city and let it play overnight after all lol.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

GooD Game!

Except for endurance mode, wich is quite miningless. Its too easy and there is no target...

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Stay away from mah wall, robots!

Loved the simplistic art style, the music was nice and relaxing, and the game was quite fun overall. It did have it's problems though.
I don't think I need to mention the endurance mode and its lack of difficulty beyond the fact that I literally got up, went and ate lunch, and when I came back my wall still hadn't been touched.
Many of the factories seemed too similar so most of the time I only varied the factories I built to make my base more ascetically pleasing. Each unit should be wholly unique whether that means they have greater differences in stats or even just a different way of navigating the battlefield.
Roads were also a problem because I'd end up taking up a lot of space just because the starting road wasn't at the right position for the factory I wanted to I needed less useful factories just to get the road where I wanted it. If in the next one (please do make a sequel! I complain about the game but that's only because I love it so.) there could be the option of building roads if at great cost and time.
I need to talk about the storms. Those blasted things were far too inconvenient at times as usually they would ONLY strike my bots and it got to the point where I couldn't even get a single unit on the field as they would be immediately struck the second they exited the wall. A way to improve this would be to have clouds be part of the map and have them hovering around so when there's a storm the lightning will strike under where the clouds are. You could have them move across the map so that way it will have more of an even coverage of the battlefield and generally seem more like a storm. Lightning isn't supposed to strike the same place twice after all. Also if there were clouds on the map then some units could be like giant fans and the player could use the storm as a weapon forcing the opponent to spend precious resources on upgrading his robots to be lightning resistant.
Also something I would like to see if another game is made is some sort of on the field tactics. Grouping some units together so they would attack as a group or ordering others to hold position to ready against a large enemy attack. Just something I can do with my troops so I'm not only messing around with the factories.
Well I'll be looking forward to a second game if there is to be one and until then I'll still probably be playing this! Still a lot of fun after weeks of playing.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good game, endurance mode is too easy

Great game, all the glitches mentioned are problematic although I've got a workaround for that. If you just keep your screen scrolled all the way to your own base and don't roll over the battle field, the bullets won't glitch out. Endurance mode was far too easy. I still have mine running right now with over 22k money. The enemy stops building after a while so there's no challenge once you've got a few factories that can handle them. A fun waste of time overall.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Not bad, but should've been harder and longer

I like this type of games, and this one was pretty good.

The problem, though, is that after the first level (which was pretty hard to me), the game is way too easy. All you need to do is spam mini-mummies and that's it. Also, for some reason, the EMP increases your money if there are enough enemies on the screen - this should be fixed because otherwise, you can just keep relying on the EMP.

On the fourth level, the saw bot kills the tank in one hit. lmao