Robotic Emergence

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In the future, robots rule the world. Build factories and energy plants to create masses of robots for your army. Battle against an opposing army as you crash into the enemy base for rule over their technology and the world.


Use your mouse to place factories on your land and extend your roads for careful building of your city.

Use your robots to create a powerful army to overtake the opposing forces.

Defeat a stage to unlock factories and more levels.


it a good game and all

ok i like the game and all but really i cant beat the first level. the other team seems to spawn way more bots then i can ever hope to. i get like 4 or 5 factory working and it still not enough. there any hints or help?

Fun, but quick.

Fun game. Although the last stage gets boring when all you need to do is EMP and you get more back for the amount spent. Then jsut save your money and you have too many robots for them to handle. Got 22 factories on the screen on the last stage, all 100% upgraded :-D

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I have a kind of bug.. when i make tons of mini mummy..
-> when i look at battlefield, their laser get stuck in he middle of the map, enemies are not hit, and as soon as i watch my base, everything turns back to normal.
But when its stuck, well enemies are wandering untouched, and my base stop producing units....

Nice game

Nice little game like a defend war type game. Though thought it was a bit easy since all I did was make 2-3 factories and max out production rate, speed and power (max out health on the side, it helps). Pretty much zerged rush the hell out of the enemy and my walls never got hit once.

great game except the last level glitches out

The best tactic i found was the "goblin tactic" aka shear weights of numbers worked for all of them except the last level where i finally got going and my sniper just stood there and died as the enemy overwhelmed me in seconds. They were working fine till about 1000 into the fight then they just stopeed shooting altogether and i died. Fix the last level and crank up the difficulty this was way too easy.

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4.15 / 5.00

May 26, 2010
8:50 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)