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Robotic Emergence

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Author Comments

In the future, robots rule the world. Build factories and energy plants to create masses of robots for your army. Battle against an opposing army as you crash into the enemy base for rule over their technology and the world.


Use your mouse to place factories on your land and extend your roads for careful building of your city.

Use your robots to create a powerful army to overtake the opposing forces.

Defeat a stage to unlock factories and more levels.


good game

i find the tank map much harder than the endurance map.. MUCH MUCH HARDER..

Great Pyramid + Tank Factory + Dark Hut = Most Used and Most Favorite structure..

well i only used dark hut on the tank map.. since they spawn a lot, they take the shots from those tanks w/c increase the survival rate of my other bots.. another use for them is for damaging your enemy's base.. i build about 3 structures and upgraded spawn + speed + health.. i wonder whats the attack speed and range for since they are melee and they walk, fly? so fast, err, do they attack twice on each bot? nvm.. done with using them though..

a good placing of the building + the right upgrade is important.. i failed that tank map about 7x.. after sometime, i learned that a few upgrades on the great pyramid is better than 2 great pyramid.. i prefer spawn rate and attack speed on any building..

this is what i do.. i think its impossible for me to play this game again since i already did everything.. it was fun but not addicting..

lol with my first play, tutorial part.. it was a stalemate.. got bored and slept the whole night.. when i woke up none of us was doing damage.. i got about 161,193 gold to spare.. XD

few questions, why is it sometimes when these bots shootout whether it be mine or the enemies, no one dies and their bullets just stop at the screen, stuck or something... is it from the weather? from a bot skill? its frustrating because whenever that happens, the player with most building and spawn rate wins.. (i died 3x from that)..

endurance map - how about some difficulty levels..
- how about some damage meter, to see how much damage we made during this (#)time..

skirmish - create own map
- starting money
- weather oprions

well it was fun while it lasted.. hope to see the next version.. :D

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i waited for over an hour and got like 50,000+ with 100% wall....They should have soemthign like this:

Nuke Sation-70,000

(oh and i had like 40,000 before i left for the our)

great game but

there should be less emp spaming but overall great game

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love the concept

I love the concept of this game, but there's room for improvement:

*allow upgrades without having the building on screen
*better enemy AI (spams emp way too much)
*less rain (I think there was rain on the screen more than sunshine)
level 3 seemed much much harder than level 4.

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Not bad

Nice little game, you have a great base here.

For the sequal, if there is a sequal, there are some ablities that should make it to the next game and somethings need to be fixed.

Upgrades ablities
Diversity of bots
Over all game play

Needs to be fixed:
AI (just builds to preset enemy base, upgrades, then stops)
Rains too much
Endurance mode (needs to be much harder)

To be considered:
Stringing factories together;

example: you have a green smoke factory but then string it through a mage factory-> end result a regenerating box bot.

Overall a good game but could be better, look forward to a sequal

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Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

May 26, 2010
8:50 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)