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Hey Newgrounds, I've been away for a few months and I've had some life changing times.

This is an animation I've created over the past couple of evenings for this months Animation Club Secret Handshake screening to the theme of Jesus.

I apologise if this causes anyone offense but I felt the need to express my lack of belief. I've also been hanging out to experiment with this psychedelic technique and this was the perfect opportunity. And I figured out how to autotune my voice into sounding perfect in every way.

There are a lot of layer blends and effects used in this so it may play slowly on your machine, turn the quality down maybe?

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I really do like the use of his name backwards. Again, this could have just been longer. I am glad it had more going for it than the skeleton loop. The CGI is quite good in this. I would love to see a longer submission with this style. I have actually used the named "Susej" in my life.

Is everyone taking ideas from me? It kind of sounds like "disease". I guess you showed it to religion for saying he wasn't real. At least, I THINK that's what he said. At least this is unique.


I can see saying that "Jesus is not the son of God." But, to claim he didn't even exist? Bold move, man. :P

TheBoogley responds:

Susej who is the son of Dog is the one who claims to not exist.
Anyone who sees anything else in this clip sees it entirely through their interpretation of it and therefore it's their beliefs that are in question, not mine.
How about that for some fancy dancing around the issue? :3

:O :D

even when something makes no sense you can make an awesome..... i want to have brain babies with you.. /brain babies i say

TheBoogley responds:

a brain baby? like Krang from ninja turtles?

Almost sounds like

Diseasus son of Dog. Lol, that would be fitting the way I see it.
dog vuh nus suseej
great loop

TheBoogley responds:

yeah, I wanted to distort it and make it as strange as possible :)

But... uhhh.


By the way, who's the son of the dog?
10/10 I know it's creepy and short but you tried to put effort in it. :P

TheBoogley responds:

heh heh, Susej is the son of dog. :3