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Goku against Naruto

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hi! this is random figth

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1 : you should've gotten naruto from shippuden or goku from db
2 : naruto has chakra nor ki
3 : Goku's kaio ken would kinda make it worse for him cuz the pain you receive is worse than normal
4 : LOVED IT!!!!!

Not bad, but when did Naruto has Ki (or its chakara)

Eh. not bad. but why didn't you show us the fight between sasuke and vegeta? and who technically won? Luffy? Idk. Good vid.

Too much zooming in >.>

I like the fight but it was really just flashing and zooming in. Next time just let it be a longshot view and don't make it too flashy. its nice to see the fast movements but too fast and constant that it appears like cars speeding down highways.


I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU ANIMATE A MOVIE, hm? judge this AFTER you've made something that beats this.... naruto would go nine tails and kill GOKU, goku lost his tail early in the series so hes fucked! lol/