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Freeway Frenzy

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Pick from over 20 cars including the one that looks kinda like the Mako from Mass Effect (but totallly isn't), the not General Lee (not from Dukes of Hazzard), and a car that could be from Spy Hunter (just a few pixels should do). Watch out for miniBosses!

We changed up the formula a bit with this game. Holly did the music this time around, and I added some funny caricatures of us in the credits page. If you wanna see Josh and I acting like paranormal investigators, check out hareofsteel on youtube (I had nightmares for weeks). Enjoy or don't, it's your time!

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I Agree With yodaman132 It has Been Done Before, But that Doesn't Stop It From Being Great Right? I mean you Have 20 Cars How Cool Is That? So I will Give it 9/10

Good game

Of course the game has been done before as others have said. But in all honesty, what hasn't.

People seem to be rather harsh on this game and I don't know why. The game sets out to do what it is supposed to do and does it. Just because there are better games with uber cool graphics out there doesn't make this a bad game.

For the good graphics, the choice of cars, the obsticals, the different routes the challenge and the wierdness of the minibosses; I give it a 4/5 and a 9/10

Been done :(

This game style has been done before and better unfortunatly, and even those games didn't do that well on here. You have a smooth animation style and the art was good but the game idea was just boring to be honest.

Just another cookie cutter game...

Why not try making a game with some original ideas...?

Not Exciting

It's ok at the beginning but as you progress through the game it just gets boring.