Didgas Adventure Ep 2

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Author Comments

Didgas Adventure is an quest Rpg ill contunue updating untill its a perfect game

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1st review in 5 years!

nice try but......

it needs alot of things done to it, the quest was boring, and the leveling of skills is kinda simple kinda retarded, the giant ogre thing was the same strength as the small ones and the ground disapears at the end of the screen when you walk to the next level and the difficulty ramps down now up, but it looked real nice and has sooo much potential to be an awsome battle of olympus/zelda 2 clone keep working on it and youll have an awsome game that will make front page in a heart beat good work, now make us proud

keyeske responds:

sorry if the quest was boring to you I will be adding more soon hopefully you will find the others interesting. the difficulty ramp is messed up ill be fixing it soon. I also need to fix those missin platforms thanks for noticing


Your keymapping is so f***ing idiotic.

keyeske responds:



The art was great, the concept - at first - was fantastic, and it was just all around 5 star material! Until I played a bit longer, that is. The game didn't go any deeper. it needs increasing difficulty, maybe something to buy with the accumulated gold, and more quests. Otherwise, I really liked it, it just needs more depth.

keyeske responds:

thanks alot for your comment im going to add more depth to it im doing my best

Good game with potential

The game is getting better.

Adding the quest makes it more meaningful. Though with all the strength crystals and everything the game becomes extremely easy.

There was a glitch were when I first got the sword, I could still punch, but I could punch people way out of reach. I am thinking that this is the reach of the sword. The sword didn't show up until I went to the items screen and chose it.

Before I start with the suggestions, I want to note that you are doing a wonderful job in progressing the game. Keep it up.


-Have the game pause when you open the item screen.

-Maybe have a less probability for the health and strength stone drops, so the game will be a little more of a challenge.

-Make more areas, so the player isn't constantly playing the same areas over and over

-Make the enemies random for better playability and on where you have to come back the enemies aren't in the same old place they were before... though this will be more difficult in programming

keyeske responds:

I know the quest seems pointless but im doing so many things and workin on this at the same time so im going to make and add more to this I have alot planed for this so stay tuned

p.s thanks for pointin that glitch out for me. i need to fix it

Credits & Info

3.42 / 5.00

May 24, 2010
12:25 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG