Suigest Vs Juugo Preview

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Here is a Preview of my upcoming progect of suigest vs juugo i hope you enjoy this teaser
i will be making more vid i also take requests after i have done this video i hope to make a pervy sage vs pain
but i might not get the time lets hope i do ^^


Well Self Said..

This had a Particulary Large amount Of Sprite Animation which seems a tad bit bettter than your sage naruto animation

Damn nice!!

I dunno who to root for XD but very nice o.o the animation is incredible!!

Not bad

It is kinda short. Also, please do not loop it! Or give it a start and stop button. It's annoying listening to all that commotion over and over as I'm writing this review.

It's a nice fight scene, but it doesn't keep my interest. Hopefully there's a story involved, and if there is, you should highlight the story in the preview.


Pretty good, just straight forward sprite animation. Wasnt that bad overall but could use some polishing. It got a little repetitive, and that costed some points. All and all im giving this flash a 7/10 and a 4/5.


its just another sprite video with fighting. it took me awile to even relize it was a ten second vid with a loop. it wasnt bad, you did an okay job with the animation, but you need to do something differant. in short you need to 1:make it longer.
2:give it maybe a story.
3:put some music in it.
and 4:do something not done a million times before.

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2.42 / 5.00

May 23, 2010
6:47 PM EDT