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Hello gyus!

In this game you try to build up relationships and fuck three girls within 120 days. To do this, you have to be rich, strong and clever enough. To raise your strength, intellect, and money there are some places you should visit regularly. They are work, the library and the ring. You also have health parameter you should watch. Don't mess up and good luck!

Library gives you +1 to int
Ring gives you +1 to str
Staying at home gives you +1 to health
Hospital refills your health
You cannot work on Saturdays and Sundays
You cannot train at ring on Fridays

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tough.. but i liked it... and some of the walkthroughs below were helpful

I am proud to say I got all three girls first try with only 2 days remaining. Loved the game was very ebtertaining

Nice game, although I got through with all three girls only on the third time playing it.

Anyway, found the original source (H-game to be precise) for this game (and as an aside note, it has an additional female character in it ; -) ). It's Hitotsuma Yukino to...~Tsuma ga Onna ni Kawaru Toki~.

Definitely four stars.

One of the best things about this one is that it's a sex game with a strategy element. (Perhaps a bit of luck too? - or possibly not * - see below) That is, you have to think carefully about what you're doing over 120+steps (some of the days have a few decisions) to 'achieve your fucks'.

Another excellent thing about the game is Kate, in the Library. Very cool chick, even a bit snooty for a while. But she's not a "bling grabber", as you'll find out, which is nice .... and when you get to have her, she's very sexy bodied, and sexily submissive - a nice transformation of character from Lady CoolnSnooty, that. :D (~ For the author(s): could still be improved if you allowed her face some reactions, and also the option of cumming INSIDE her, which is what you've deserved once you've worked so hard to get into her 'affections' ;) Also, PLS give her a clitoris, and moving labia!)

Julia, the boxing fan, is the opposite, sadly. Looking eagerly for a hero to worship and serve sexually ... but when you finally build up champion status, and get to doggy her, she shows all the enthusiasm of a piece of cardboard, or a spent match. Perhaps she worships all the men who give her a reward (pssssst: *cough* prostitute! *cough*) ~ For the authors: same basic comments as for Helen above, but even more so. (Was it just my machine, or was fucking Fightgirl even a v slow boring process?)

As for the bling-crazed girl somewhere in the Night Club, I have to admit I failed - never got to fuck her, or even to see her face, let alone give her a facial. (So I failed the game ... though to be honest, and this is not just sour grapes, for me it felt like (e)mission accomplished when my hero had Helen! :D Not sure I'm that devastated to miss out on a valuables sucker - was she sensational, anybody?

A few other notes, and a couple of tips to add to the v useful previous post (which I only saw later):

ARRRGGGHH! The 'whiteout' is back! A slightly strange glitch that lights up the play in all-white for a second or two, about four times over, when the guy is about to ejaculate. Well, I SUPPOSE it's a glitch, and not a joke ... or a sign he's losing consciousness with coming cumminess! Anyway, it's a feature in several FT games which is a bit like an Ice Bucket Challenge at the wrong time (if anyone is reading this post-2014: google (or whatever the successor may be to that universal Net search engine in later years) that phrase, a craze of 2014 ....

The beggar on the way into the Library. Is worth the 10 bucks the first time or two, not sure he has any reliable new info after that. Kick him in the nuts if he keeps pestering you. With your boxing-hardened foot.

As Asukakun says (post preceding this), there are certain general tactics in the overall strategy that you should try to follow, if you want to get as far as you can (up inside the three girls). I have to admit, Kate was the one I was really after, so I was a bit slow on the boxing front, and after getting fleeced a few times in the Night Club, couldn't really be too arsed laying the gold-digger! :D

Be careful with the boxing - the odds are rigged. Don't accept a challenge where you are told you have less than 90% chance of winning. Jut keep building up your power. At least my experience was you always lose unless you are certain, or very nearly certain, to win. The fight game in Fuck Town must be run by those who brought you roulette wheels, switched cups, or "pizza and protection".

Have fun and work hard - esp if you want to bed the Night Club Blingsucker! ;)

Walkthrough: How To Fuck The Three Girls In 120 Days.
1. Kate Is The First Girl You Need To Fuck, So The First You Need To Do Is..... Increase Your INT. To Max Within 30 Days.
2. After You Increase Your INT. To Max, Try Work Of Once And Buy Sunflowers At Gift Shop.
3. After That, Try To Talk Kate And Go Fuck Her.
4. Second Girls Is Julia (In Ring), Well He Only Appear When You Defeat Some Boxer (First Time You Go To Ring IN FRIDAYS, You Meet Julia.)
5. Try To Increase Your STR. To Max.
6. After That Try To Work Of 5 Times, Then Buy Earrings.
7. Defeat The Boxer And Be Champion, Than After You Beat The Maste, You Meet Julia. Go Fuck Her.
8. After That, You Need To Fuck The Last Girl, Herlen. Probably She Was The Hardest Girl To Fuck.
9. Try To Have At Least $1.000 To Buy Music CD, Chain And Rings.
10. In The First Time You Meet Herlen, You Need To Buy Her Cocktail (Cost: $50).
11. Meet Her Again And Give Her A Music CD.
12. Meet Her Once Again And Give Her A Chain.
13. Meet Her For The Last Time And Give Her A Rings, Then Go Fuck Her.

I Hope It Helpfull.