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Wooden Pigs

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Author Comments

A Man carves two Pigs out of wood, which come alive and kill him. A bit of an experiment with stop motion and photoshop effects. Had to compress it a fair bit to fit it on here, so sorry about the low quality at times.

Short, and the music isn't meant to be in sync with what happens.

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Nice stop-motion

This is interesting and for 4 megs it didnt take that long to load up, so that was a nice treat, So this was a very interesting flash stop motion i believe and you did put some good effort in this, seemed abit on the short side, so maybe if you added some more action scenes with the pig and all maybe an idea would be to have other wooden pigs formed and such hehe, or maybe you have the guy make another animal to help, but anyways the stop motion is pretty neat i like how you mixed it up with some photo editing effects but on the bad side of that it was hard to see what was going on, also i think the "TEXT" when you go to black screen could have been better, maybe larger text would have been better, and maybe not so fast, also at the end with the replay button, i think you should make it so its more of a button like not just the text so its not so hard to click on, allthough it was not that bad, maybe i thought that because it matched up with the backround, anyways nice job here on a unique flash, i look forward to more adventures with the wooden pigs hehe

An improved button at the end, a more better visual, so its not so hard to see everything

A decent stop mostion with a good little story.



Very original and different from what you see being submitted these days. I liked the weirdness of it all, the trace bitmap effect and the instructions which kept coming up. I don't know if that was meant to be the voice of fate or just random narration but either way I enjoyed it!

Eh... Interesting.

I really liked the artistic value of this piece, but it was fairly boring from an entertainment perspective. 7/10.

Unique, I suppose.

I like the concept, but the way it was showed (not the stop motion capture precisely because I have no problem with that, but rather the style of the images most likely due to the Photoshop effects you mentioned) didn't really appeal to me at all.

I also didn't really like the abrupt ending. The fact that the song ended abruptly as well also didn't help its case.