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Less of a Prank board and more of a Nostalgia/ Voice chat annoyance board. It has one of my favorite Monty Python Characters that you would never... expect.

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Look I'm spanish too and I tell you, that guy down here is an asshole, yes flag me as abusive if you want, but that moron seems to be a stupid teenager who have an awful sense of humor and I doubt he knows what Flying Circus is (and maybe he says he loves Monty Pythons).

The funniest thing about him is that he talks about the spanish inquisition like if Torquemada would appear from nowhere and bury all his family. Believe me forguet that guy.

Torquemada(XV century): Spanish inquisitor, considered the worst of the history.

DarkMagus667 responds:

I'm not worried. He cannot understand enough englis to notice it is not a game but a "Gadget-Soundboard" Yes, I left the H of English just to spite any other trolls like him.

Bad game

First of all your title is bad..."Spanis" Is with an H, second it's pretty hell-bored it didn't entertain, Got a really bad sound, try to fix it...Is totally annoying, just press the phrases and daa-da--ta-da-daa you finished! :O hooooow 'long' gaaaaaaame.

Look i'm spanish, and the inquisition isn't a joke, so that's one (of the multiple reasons) that i don't like it....The others are like..Is very/crap/bored/stupid thing?

DarkMagus667 responds:

Glad you liked it! :D the missing H was not an accident, it was meant to add further harm to your people. The Inquisition was a GREAT joke. and it was not against the spinach. It was against the Jews... DUH!

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May 23, 2010
2:01 AM EDT
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