The Enchanted Cave

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Unique RPG with 100 levels of treasure, artifacts and monsters. Venture into the dungeon multiple times, becoming stronger with every quest.

- 100 Levels
- Various Monsters & Dragons
- Lots of weapons, spells
- Magic
- Shop keepers
- Final Boss

* June 1st, 2010 Update *

Final Boss is no longer insta-killable
Earth Eye bug is fixed
Freezing when opening a chest is fixed.
Eye of Wealth now shows other info as well
Magic is kept permanently like artifacts
1 MP is gained with every kill.
Potion prices and a few others changed.



i die and lose all my stuff :'( no well i shold know whene to stop fightin :)

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Great Game!

A very solid effort! I just got through a second full descent and loved every minute. The battle system in particular really shines. One of my biggest pet peaves in RPG type games is when there is a break between what is happening in the dungeon and the battle that is occurring. Also, the fact that I don't have to go through tomes of menus is very relieving. (Would you like to attack? Yes! Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure...What kind of attack would you like to do? GRRRRRRR>>>>>)

It would have been nice to have some sort of hotkey system, and sometimes the stairs are very hard to find because of the color scheme, but these are just a few minor nuisances. Thanks for making such a great game! I hope to see more of your work in the future.

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very cool game

i did not like it at first. i thought the fact of starting over and loosing all items was terrible, but after playing a few times and collecting artifacts i found the game to be perfectly made. Excellent job

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fun at first but then gets repetitive

the game is fun but after beating a few floors the game starts to get boring for the fact that every room has the same pattern layout but the walls are in different arease with new loot items and monsters to fight. Health potions dont really add enough hitpoints and cost alot which really gets annoying because your health doesnt regenerate and there can be a pretty big amount of enemys guarding the path to the exit. Clearing the floors begins to lose its purpose because most of the loot boxes contains something you allredy have or some special item that is somewhat useful or some item that doesnt really help you in any way. So the game could have been better if there where different floor environments, some type of leveling up system because collecting those gems isnt really that fun also character classes would be nice.

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Pretty good

I like this, it is quick paced, battles don't last forever. The secret to winning is to pick your battles. Don't fight harder enemies if you can avoid it, unless there is a chest or a or gem (not just money) behind them. A rule of thumb is, if you take 1 point of damage, it's like losing 3 gold (based on the cost of heal potions). It's actually even more than that because towards the end game you start buying up all the health and mana in the shop and have wasted money left over.

At the end of each set of levels buy up all the healing and mana you can, mostly ignore the other things because you'll usually find as-good or better in the dungeon.

I had to use the wings twice in the early part of the game (both times on levels 20-29) and then was able to go the rest of the game without using the wings.

On the other hand:
1. Magic is pretty much useless, except for healing. It takes too long to cast, battles are over in like 1 second anyway, and it's more cost effective use mana to heal than to deal damage. Plus you have to drag it onto the character which is annoying - you need a hotkey system. It would be good if magic had range so you could kill enemies without risking injury to yourself, and if it did more damage.
2. Final boss was too easy, when i fought him I had 9 large heal potions + a lot of mana potions for healing, and I didn't even need to use any of it during the actual fight. I just healed before fighting, then attacked the final boss with full health, and won in 5 seconds.
3. The game system with the elements and element defense isn't really explained well. It's hard to decide whether I should use an armor with better pure defense or with better element defense. Also, I only ever got the earth and water eyes for the entire game so for a lot of enemies it was total guessing.
4. The final reward (a sword) is lackluster, especially since you lose all your non-artifact items. If you go back to try out the new sword you find out you are actually weaker than you were before because you don't have the other items.

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May 22, 2010
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Adventure - RPG
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