The Enchanted Cave

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Unique RPG with 100 levels of treasure, artifacts and monsters. Venture into the dungeon multiple times, becoming stronger with every quest.

- 100 Levels
- Various Monsters & Dragons
- Lots of weapons, spells
- Magic
- Shop keepers
- Final Boss

* June 1st, 2010 Update *

Final Boss is no longer insta-killable
Earth Eye bug is fixed
Freezing when opening a chest is fixed.
Eye of Wealth now shows other info as well
Magic is kept permanently like artifacts
1 MP is gained with every kill.
Potion prices and a few others changed.


Too random, and missing several important things.

Let's go over the downsides here:
1: You're treating using the escape wings as a NORMAL gameplay mechanism. They should be an emergency mechanism.
1a: When you use the wings, you should not lose EVERYTHING you have! I liked my gear, thank you.
1b: When you use the wings, you most especially should NOT lose your FREAKING MAGIC SPELLS!
2: Potions are TOO EXPENSIVE. Fuck this "Rougelikes should be hard" nonsense, I come to play a game to have fun, not be frustrated.
2a: Going up to more powerful potions should be MORE cost-efficient than buying a ton of lesser potions, NOT LESS! Quick math for the impaired:
Regular Potion Cost: 350!!!(WTF), heals 100.
Super Potion cost: 1,200(OMGG!), heals 300.
350 x 3 = 1,050, a savings of 150 gold over using a Super Potion.

You fail at modern gameplay design. Correct these flaws, make it more fun, and it'll be an awesome game. As it is, it's too flawed, too defective.

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Fun but somewhat repetitive

I enjoyed playing, but I got tired a little after a while.

Specially when I got into the store again and tried to sell the $1400 ninja golden necklace that I found. It simply disappeared when I dragged it to sell area :(
I clicked "Clear" then "Exit", but it didn't reappear again...
I was placing a lot of stuff that I also found in the way in the sell area. Maybe that was the problem.

I bought at the beginning the $50 sword. It really was the best purchase I made, I finished those goblins quite fast.

The music is good, but it's also repetitive, I turned it off after a while.

The instructions page is very good though. But I didn't memorize all the magic abilities that are displayed in the game. It would be easier to remember if when i passed the mouse over them, some info appeared (like a text box).

The variety of items also amazed me. But when selling stuff, I took a long time for removing all the items from the inventory to the sell area. Maybe a multiple select button or a drag all option would improve it.

The battle system is quite cool. But sometimes I wished I could stop the fight (run from it), to avoid loosing more HP.

Overall, I enjoyed it, it was fun, but I didn't get addicted to it (which I usually do in this type of games :).

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Very enjoyable

I don't usually give 5/5 10/10, but there's too few flash "roguelikes" and I'm a fan of the genre. I don't usually leave short reviews but I'm eager to play more!

Some are complaining about potion costs, MPs and being forced to wing out, they don't realize it's the whole point of the game. The game is nicely balanced as it is, makes it just a little bit easier and one might be able to clear the all thing in a run or two. Just a little bit harder and you'll need twice as much as you do at the moment.

really nice game!

I really loved this game and im stilll playing it now because I want all the artifacts but I think a medal isnt working because the medal sais escaped with 1 artifact and escaped with 3 artifact and I already ahve done that but that doesnt really matter because its a great game!

Boredcom responds:

Its addicting. Thanks! Hope you enjoyed it. This was the authors first game.

so so so fun

This was epic! I loved this game a lot.


How do we get MP? Besides buying the tiny MP thing from the shop? Is there any other way? I think it should raise the MP 1 point per battle or something.

Also I wish there were more things in the shop.. Those items suck, and I can just collect them in the caves anyways! So why spend my money on junk? The shop needs some exclusive items.

Great game though, suitable music, great graphics and animations, endless replayability, a ton of weapons and items to collect and sell, just a great game over all.

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Boredcom responds:

Not all shop items are the same. Sometimes you can find awesome items, othertimes they can be junk. It's luck of the draw. Thanks for the great feedback!

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4.30 / 5.00

May 22, 2010
6:08 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily 5th Place May 23, 2010