The Enchanted Cave

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Unique RPG with 100 levels of treasure, artifacts and monsters. Venture into the dungeon multiple times, becoming stronger with every quest.

- 100 Levels
- Various Monsters & Dragons
- Lots of weapons, spells
- Magic
- Shop keepers
- Final Boss

* June 1st, 2010 Update *

Final Boss is no longer insta-killable
Earth Eye bug is fixed
Freezing when opening a chest is fixed.
Eye of Wealth now shows other info as well
Magic is kept permanently like artifacts
1 MP is gained with every kill.
Potion prices and a few others changed.


Its ok games to be hard but this one is ridicule

Magic is useless... What is the point of having magic if you going to lose all the magic when you start a new game? Also there is never enough mp to use magic

to improve just do this
Sell Hp potions by half
Make unlimited Small potions in store

Increase the value of sold equipment instead of giving me 1/3 give me 1/2 the money

Save at the store you reached not at the store 10 levels below... That is stupid makes the game feels repetitive and boring,

I reached level 46 and the turtle killed me now I have to start from level 29...

Just finished the whole game...

And it was FANTASTIC! This is much more fun than other rougelikes where all other creatures are chasing you.Great balance and fun gamestyle,I sincerely expect another rougelike from you, but this time with an epic story and over 20+ hours of gameplay! And,a changing sprite of the main charater (according to armor) would be nice,too.

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I applaud you!

I was quite impressed by how such a simple game could be so fun. At first I found it to be a nuisance losing all my items every time I escaped a dungeon, but then I discovered it was actually extremely useful once I found the appropiate strategy for it. Still repeating levels is quite annoying, however, the artifacts obtained made me feel better knowing I wouldn't have to keep buying shit at the shop.

Only thing I recommend is that you change the potion prices as you should save with more expensive potions (games do this to promote massive potion purchasing) and you should be able to keep magic spells (and maybe boost the time it takes to cast them, I can make three sword strikes before finishing a spell which means melee is a better means of attack in the end).

Overall good game, 5/5, 8/10

Excellent Game.

I can't really add much that has already been mentioned here. Losing gear is very annoying and potions are indeed too expensive. One thing I can add is a suggestion for sound / music control. It'd be nice if I could play this fantastic game while listening to my own music, since the music in game is very repetitive.

Some problems with it

Magic is nearly useless. I only found 2 spell so far. We should get some mp-heavy yet effective spells like light heal or a small boost to attack power, permanently.. or "artifact-class" spells that follow us around.

Healing items are innneficient and extremely expensive.
Mana doesnt regenerate

Giving too many items at the shop detroy the items, permanentyl.

Otheerwise, the game system is solid and simple. Good job, but it still needs work.

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4.30 / 5.00

May 22, 2010
6:08 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily 5th Place May 23, 2010