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Project Flame [demo2]

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Author Comments

Sorry people, I am sad to announce that Project Flame in its current form is cancelled :(
I am sorry for all the hype and promises I made, but it's out of hand ...
-a game of this quality is expensive and time consuming, and we cant afford that with no income.
-no one is interested to fund a free flash game that has no income other than advertises.
-there's no room to add in-game items in this game which would've covered some expenses.
-to finish it we have to work more than 5+ months full time and with no fund or income we will starve to death! as we live in one of the most expensive places on earth!

But on the bright side, we're developing a really awesome game that is free to play and has optional purchasable items, and I personally think that it's going to be a hit as it's so original and has deep gameplay plus an online mode!
also project flame will be revived later but not as a free web game, that's when we have enough money to pay our rents and feed us while working on it!
Default controls (can be customized)
Move: right and left buttons
Jump: Up
Dodge projectiles (Down)
Fire: A
Kick: S
Reload: D
Interaction/doors: E

to skip dialog press Interaction, Fire or kick.

to change quality or quit to menu: hover your mouse to the top of the screen and a menu will slide down, where you can change quality or quit to menu.

if you want to customize the controls, go to controls in main menu.
and note for elevator floor selection: it's up and down in the default layout, you will be asked for up, and down will be the crouch button which is obviously down, ps you can mix Up with the jump button in case you jump with up button.


Great Game!

This is a great game. The graphics are good, the music is good, and the story is good (Though I agree you should move the story a little slower). But the overall game is great. I have only one complaint- the enemies. they're too cheesin hard! try giving them less health, and this'll be a 10/10.

P.S. Ohhh, creepy ending. Blood? Fire master?

looks promising

i am looking forward to the full version.
here are some suggestions:

- add the ability to jump and shoot at the same time and maybe even the ability to shoot upwards.

- make the enemies more fun to kill (show them getting charred, add knock-back, damage sounds, etc.)

- different variations of flamethrowers/melee weapons (fireball launcher, knife, rockets, spread-flamethrower, etc.) could help with the puzzle aspect and the over all fun of the game. for example, having to shoot a switch that you normally couldn't reach with the standard flamethrower.

- this kind of fits in with the last idea, but adding small power-ups such as double-jump boots, fire-shield, grappling hook, flashlight (not necessarily these specifically but you get the idea) through out the game. some being optional and maybe hidden. this would add a bit of variety to the gaming experience and create replay value. people could decide to go for a 100% run, speed run or any mix there-of.

- i'm on the fence about limited ammo. it wouldn't make a huge difference to me unless the problem occurs where the player can't burn the lock off of a door because they don't have ammunition or ammunition available.

- finally, burning through the wooden crates was annoying. they should either catch fire and eventually burn away, or perhaps the player should be able to light a box up and kick it apart.

overall, i thought the controls were smooth and the graphics were well done. this game has a very promising start, but there is a lot that could happen to the final version to either make it or break it. good start!

Eagerly anticipating the full game

Fluid animations, nice environments, strong mechanic and good overall atmosphere. Thoroughly enjoyable game. Well crafted atmosphere of something going on that isn't known, I liked that tremendously.
The customisable controls was a nice addition as well, allows for a more personalised experience and improving the controls. Whilst the only problem I found with the controls as they stand is the med-pack button was a little out of place, others may have found other problems. Including this little aspect essentially removes this problem.
The only thing verging on a criticism is the dialogue and the weapon.
The speaking aspect of the game is not very important, after all it is only a demo so not a lot is expected. Hopefully it will be improved by the full game as you suggest. I look forward to a more emmersive story aspect of what promises to be an intriuging plot.
Really the only problem I could see with the game as it stands is the shooting mechanic. I didn't mind the lack of a jump and shoot combination, it made the figthing more challenging and, I think, more rewarding. Especially at one point where I could have just jumped and shot a monster as it was unwilling to advance down to the ledge I was on. It made combat more geared towards spot ting patterns, rather than attempting to just shoot willy-nilly.
The actual problem with the shooting is there isn't strategy to it. In a kind of spooky, survival-esque shooty adventure game, there should be some kind of limit to the ammunition, or some kind of strategy to it. Unlimited ammunition negates the strategy of being conservative or accurate. Even if you keep the ammunition infinite, maybe making reloading slower or making the depletion of a magazine faster. Either of these would make a more measured and strategic combat mechanic.

Other than those minor criticisms, it is a very accomplished game in its own right. As a demo, it does its job very well and I look forward to the finished product, although I hope you slow the pacing down a little in the final game. It rushed a little too quick from the discovery of monsters to a full-blown temple-cult thing. Only minor things which I wouldn't even class as a problem, more of a slightly rough edge. Wonderful looking and playing game overall. Excited for the full game.

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Snakex86 responds:

yeah I agree ... we will slow the pace of events in the final, the forest part will be extended.
and dialog as I said before will fully be rewritten.
but the ammunition, some players found monsters too hard to kill, what if we add limited ammunition!
though we'll study that.
thanks for the review


the only reason this is getting a 4 from me is, well, fire doesn't light up your surrounding

it's pitch black, i go spraying my hot love around everywhere, and it's still as black as ink...

awesome game otherwise, can't wait for the full version

Snakex86 responds:

I'd like to add lighting, but we're working with flash, and flash is slow, and the game is already slow for some people, so adding more gradients, masks for each fire particle might kill your cpu.
I might add lighting in specific places as a special event, but in general ... lighting is an overkill in flash!
especially in this heavy game!

VERY nice!

I like the story though that the underground forest is strange ^^
I really enjoyed playing the piece of this demo, COMPLETE IT NOW!
Respect, Andy J.

Snakex86 responds:

Thanks dude .. we'll do our best to complete it as fast as we can

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Credits & Info

4.20 / 5.00

May 22, 2010
3:00 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle