Zelda 64 Courtyard Travel

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I wanted to try making a skit using the Zelda 64 graphics.


Well -

I understand your concept with this work, however it wasn't very funny and the script needs work. I don't think many people really care much for video feeds in place of actual animation. Try something with a little more originality, maybe find somebody to illustrate something for you.


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A few tips

I found it okay but theres 2 or 3 things i didn't like.

1.) Kind of loud. (From my point of view. Try easing of just slightly.)

2.) You started it very strangely. (The timing is pretty weird because all of a sudden it starts.)

3.) Try and show it in a flash like style. (I.E Not using a video player to show it)

But besides those things I found it quite good. I enjoyed the jokes. Also i believe this is your first right one like this right? All in all i hope for you to make more like this.

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It was nice.

It was a decent little bit of comedic commentary. The only part that really made me laugh was the "I don't need those rupees" comment, because, let's be honest. That is the first thought of everyone who plays that part of the game.


it made me chuckle, nice attempt, 5 out of 10, and im suprized, dont be too discouraged by some comments, ive seen things rated 4.15, and still warn't as funny as this, nice chuckle and not too much of my time tooken away

keep it up, next video I see from you, I exspect it to be even better, put more work into it, and ignore anyone who deams you cant do you

just got to put your mind to it

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We're four, yes?

As this is infantile banal crap in almost all manners. The only two things done well was the game capture video, and the quality of sound for the VA.

Sadly the VA was shit, the script (if there was one) was shit.

Waste of bandwidth.

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May 21, 2010
9:35 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody