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it's a demo/preview version.

move with "space" and hold your crosshair over the enemy to lock them as target.

tell me if you like it, so that i know, if i should start making the "full and more awesome" version.
suggestions welcome!



Its a sniping game with a I spy gameplay which I like. I want you to finish the game. but with more features. Different types of missions and all that. That's my review!

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Stygorath responds:

i got a great idea for the story in the full version, it will feature many different styles of gameplay. hopefully i get this game done!

Where's Waldo?

It has a similar concept to Where's Waldo, but with guns :P

ART: Basic, however it was fine since I would almost call it a style in this case.

Gameplay: It is easy to grasp and understand.

Story: Lacking but this is a demo so I will let you off on that.

HUD (Heads Up Display): It was confusing to me, there was stuff that didn't need to be there like the thing in the bottom left corner. I guess it is to serve as a place for some little Easter eggs but it is a distraction from the game.

As well there is no point in me knowing the coordinates of my cross hairs, I guess this is for debugging? But w/e there is no need for us to see it unless you are going to include it in future levels somehow.

Difficulty: Was set to a default easy, cant say much about that. i guess the higher difficulty levels would have more targets, less time, targets moving in random directions?


Not bad :)

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Stygorath responds:

your comment made me lough! great. :)

ART: expanding, i got 2 additional graphic designers and animators for the full version.

Gameplay: i will not change much about that, but upgrades for gun and features like xray or nightvison..

HUD: there will be a new heads up display in the full version, and it will be explained.

no, there is no point of knowing the coordinates of your crosshair, it was just one of the many useless informations i needed to make it look hi-tech!! XDD - but i just got an idea. what's if you can just use your strongest weopon(something like a bomb) by entering the coordinates?

Difficulty: the full version will NOT be default easy. (i would have been too lazy to test the game over and over if it was harder, so my ferst level was a simple one)


thanks for the review, it has been really helpfull!

Great game

I like the game, I would love to see you finish this, add some background music too

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Stygorath responds:

yes i will do that! btw: i'm thinking over a concert level where i'd ask a band for a song to use.

Good game

It has a good concept and can prove difficult with more obsticals/time limits.

I think you can make this a full game and have people like it.

3/5 and 7/10 for a good game but short

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Stygorath responds:

thanks, since all of the comments are soo positive, i will have to make the full version.


would be better if this was the real game and not a demo.otherwords, SAVE

Stygorath responds:

jeah i know but i was afraid of working months on a full version nobody likes.
so i wanted to look if people want a game like this.

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3.26 / 5.00

May 21, 2010
6:23 PM EDT
Action - Other