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satellite - the game

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it's a demo/preview version.

move with "space" and hold your crosshair over the enemy to lock them as target.

tell me if you like it, so that i know, if i should start making the "full and more awesome" version.
suggestions welcome!

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that's a good idea for making a demo and then everyone will comment omething han you can ow what you ned to add a
overall nice game

...my english is'nt that good


left me wantin more. way easy demo tho smaller cursor faster loading. more targets make more similar characters to target. but overall great concept

Stygorath responds:

thanks for the suggestions! i was thinking over a random hair, skin colour and clothes system for the civilians, so it's harder for the player to find the target.


its a good concept. maybe making it faster to charge and making it faster to move around. make the gun upgradeble too.

Stygorath responds:

i will do that! ;)

It looks like a ...

Amazing game, really, I want to see the "full and more awesome" version XD

Stygorath responds:

me too! xD

Good start

The heads up display was annoying, until I read it. In a few seconds, I saw
<the cake is a lie>
among others. So bravo on that. Some ideas for the final...maybe a thermal/xray filter? or maybe a different sound when you shoot, thats more...satellite-esque?

But i like it, and look forward to playing it.

Stygorath responds:

yay, someone got some of my eastereggs!
xray and nightvision were ideas that are planned for the full version.
do you know, there is no sound in space? haha sure i'll add a better shooting-sound, this one was experimental.

thanks for the very helpfull suggestions!