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Pixel Legions

rated 4.40 / 5 stars
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May 21, 2010 | 2:07 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Back again, Newgrounds, with another completely different game

Armies of glowing pixels wage war in this fast-paced tactical action game. Employ a mix of clever strategy and brute force to dominate your opponents. New surprises await you on each battlefield. Up to eight armies can fight with thousands of pixels on screen at once.

Controls: Point and click 'n drag

-Attempted workaround for endless line-drawing browser bug. Clicking on the game screen once should stop it if it occurs now.
-Fixed a score entry bug that could break the game.
-Tweaked The Boss to be less exploitable.
-Improved badge support.
-Bombing runs should stop on Victory.
-Resume button wasn't working in some cases.
-Disabled High Scores button since Mochi is blocked here.
-Fixed Level 13 so bases don't get pushed off-screen.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

One of the best flash RTS yet

This game could do for Flash RTS games what Vector TD did for tower defense games. It honestly raises the bar that much. The gameplay itself is rather simple, you control a mobile base that spawns clouds of pixels which you then send to battle enemy pixels and bases. This all takes place in real time so you have to keep a constant eye on both offense and defense, while trying to play off the fact that your opponents are fighting each other as well. The environment becomes a serious factor in your playing style later on, as you will have to dodge randomly placed explosions and take advantage of boost pads which allow your troops to literally plow through an enemy's defenses. This, combined with the incentive to control "nexus" spots that give your pixels extra damage and allow you to spawn faster, force the player to adjust their strategy for every level.

What really makes this game shine is the ability to tactically flank opponents. If you can line up pixels on either end of an enemy pixel cloud, they will get an enormous attack boost. This allows the player to overwhelm the enemy's front line if he can set up his units correctly. You can also use this technique to set up ambushes- hide groups of pixels behind a corridor, and as enemy pixels charge through you can immediately begin attacking them at both sides. This is only the beginning of the strategic depth of this game, though. If your base is under attack by enemy pixels, you stop spawning new armies. This means that bunkering up in a corner of the map will not work, as an attacker with the same number of troops will eventually wear you down. On the same token, if you throw all of your pixels at an enemy, they can sneak a group around the front line and straight at your base, forcing you to make a hasty retreat. Having to multimanage both an effective defense and offense can be tough, but is quite exciting once you get the hang of it. I'm certain we won't master all of the intricacies of this game for quite a while, as the game leaves enough room for varying strategies that faster mission times are always possible.

My only quips, which hardly detract from the excellence of this game, is the lack of multiplayer and the occasionally finicky controls. Sometimes units seem to go in the opposite direction which I tell them to, and selecting units in a pile is often very difficult. A future version, with tougher AI, more gameplay modes (such as King of the Hill) and multiplayer options, would turn this game into a masterpiece.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

beat the game!!

i got a gold medal and i got ranked i just usally back up alot and let the others fight so i have alot of pixels then they are weak when i attack cause they wasted their own trying to attack someone else oh and i got 48th place not so bad huh yay this is also a great game i haven't played a good game like this for a while


Rated 5 / 5 stars


awesome concept, love the gameplay, and i cant find anything wrong with it, you got my vote Brah 10/10 5/5


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Their Name Is Legion For They Are Many>=3 FunGame!

Indeed an addictive and massively fun game acrazycandian. =)

The most interactive part of the game I think is the excellent scoreboard where players may continue to post their scores as they get them ^_^

Went through all 24 levels and got the gold award and right at 100 thousand points! W00t!

It was intriguing to watch others scores climb and then my own rise just above them then fall back then go up much like in a race =)

Went through all 24 levels and wil lsay I think that level 22 is the trickiest.
"The Boss" -- the final level-- actually was my favorite! =D

"I'm The Boss!"

It would have been funny if you would've named it "Like A Boss." lol
[like the "Lonely Island song].

I noticed a couple of other fun puns too like "Defend The [Your] Castle" and "Wind Up Dead."
LOVE the music which reminds me of Guilty Gear meets Guilty Gear X meets Guilty Gear X2 ^^; Yeah... meant to have that come out sounding like that! =d

Memorable uptempo guitar and electro-rock and the slow-downtempo tunes also got me to going too. Really helps focus even when you get frustrated on one or two levels.

I do disagree with one tiny facet--I think that if you should make a second Pixel Legion, you definitely should have the "click drag" to select a group at one time. The trickiest part for me was selecting one legion at a time to move--especially on the levels like the really large ones where you could move the mouse across the screen.. REALLY hard to send more than one legion for a flank or trick out because you can only choose one group at a time.

Also had some issue clicking on the base once a lot of legions were around it, but nothing to cry to shout about =)

Great game all around! =D

The "base death" sound is oddly invigorating o.o
That LOUD guitar "WHOOOMP!" sound has you almost WANT to down your foes fast in unison or one right behind the other for a guitar symphony! hahah =]

Can tell a lot went into this game and the end result I certainly say was well worth it. Definitely a reference game and fun to go through at least one time around. =3

Helped to take my mind off of some frustrating things and prove the color green is superior in the "War of The Pixel Legions!" =D
[Although my favorite is orange and apple red T.T =3]

Awesome gaming idea.

Very, very innovative. Keep up the astounding work my friend!

Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
-DJ, TIGER M [Tuesday]
-1:59 PM (11/28/2010)

TIGER M IS... tiger m... ^^;

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome game

As usual CrazyCanadian makes awesome games, to help all of you out the most important tip is let your enemies fight it out while you grow stronger, this is the MOST effective strategy and rushing usually fails in this game except for 1 level.