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Cooking With

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May 21, 2010 | 11:22 AM EDT

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Author Comments

For my final major project at college.
Nothing special. Just showing different techniques.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Yay for channel hopping goodness!

Interesting little piece of work you got going here. There wasn't any voicework but who needs it. I love it when a message can be made and understood without spoken word.

What I liked about this flash was the simplicity of it. The plot was quite clear and understandable among a wide range of audience. We had a slightly stupid showoff in a frustrating conflict with opening the can of food, which was the very first step to the process of preparing the meal. We had a....floating...blob fairy thingy rolling along with the step by step of lobster meal preparation perfectly and calmly while also successfully making the scene feel a bit on the trippy side. Lastly we had the fish type animal just chopping up a butt load of fruits and vegetables and putting them into a giant pile for a meal. I think it's really neat how you managed to pull this all of this off with such simple design.

What I didn't like was the length of it. It was short. Really short. Like Michael Jordan's baseball career short. There was room for plenty more quite clearly and I think it would've been awesome if this piece was a bit longer. Then again the saying goes "quality over quantity" but still. Nevertheless this was a great flash animation and I do hope that there's more to come from you even if this was just your final project for college. 8/10


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Rated 4 / 5 stars


-It looks like someone was channel hopping when he got an idea for a flash. Well it works great. Pretty much you are able to bring together three different animations of cooking and put them together for our viewing pleasure.

-Channel 1 was quite humorous to me. Creten sort of creature having tons of difficulty with cooking seems to be obvious and why in space they would let him have a cooking show is beyond me. Probably for the lulz.

-Channel 2 was my favorite and shows some great hands on cooking with a true professional of culinary skill. Quite simply that dish looks delicious and made me hungry.

-Channel 3 was a bit odd. Big hulking alien who eats fruits and vegetables.

-The way that you showed the highlights of each show was much better than if it drug on through any of them in their entirety. Some funny commentary would of made this so much better though. It would of just made it even funnier.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars


The art is good, the animation is smooth, although I don't really like the way most of it is just things stretching or squashing, that style annoys me. Story wise I didn't really get what it was atall. The sound effects annoyed me/ And at one point i noticed that someones hand dislocated from it's arm. But Y'know it's alright.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cookery program channel hopping

A real shame that you didn't have voices in this piece, as it might have really helped you along here. With the way that the three channels are introduced, you've got what appears like the cookery show on Gremlins 2, once the gremlins have taken over on Channel 1. This is quite funny, especially when he is confounded by the tin of tomato puree.

Channel 2 appears to be the cook who is preparing a romantic meal for her and a psychic / telekinetic powered mate. Lobster is fun, but it could have been a little less resigned to death.

Channel 3 appears to be a knife wielding maniac vegetarian. If you believe about Hitler being a vegetarian, you're pretty much onto the right thing here.

What irks me is the "cheats" used for Channel 3 and the chopping of the fruit - at least throw different arrangements of the same shape into the frame, ready to be chopped and pulped. This also confounds matters with Channel 2's final presentation, which has an apple, banana and pear alongside the lobster. The same shapes as we see on the rival channel.

Surely Channel 2 could say something along the lines of "now take your lobster out of the pot - look at how cute he is" etc and then dump him in the pot, for example. I can understand that channel 1 isn't going to have many lines of dialogue, if any. But 3 could as well as 2.

Give it a shot - you've done a good job with this piece, now go out there and do an even better one with the next one :)

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Uhh... yeah....

Well, the fluid animation was definitely a plus. Great drawing, great style..... lack of a storyline.....

Still, pretty good.