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Sanctuary (BETA)

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I apologize for only having one minigame so far.
I will try to have more up later, but for now, enjoy what I've worked on for 6 months.
NOTE: this game does NOT save. I intend for it to be modded later, by various people, so it is password operated, in order to keep it so that unless someone alters the codes, you can use them in any possible version.

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First i cant seem to shoot in the minigame.You get way to little money for each kill.But if you fix it up it can be a great game.


I think you need slightly more detailed instructions. After spending a ton of time on the mini-game to collect money to buy stuff. I buy stuff and get codes. What to do with the codes. I Don't know. I get medals for clicking on random things. WHy? I don't know. So i figured out after I had already spent the money that the code has to be input into your inventory to do anything with it. Well without instructions for why I was getting codes I did not copy them down, I was still searching for what to do with them. But I still have no clue as to the games actual objectives. So itemized the problems with the game.

1. No mute. The song is good at first but gets repetetive.
2. Insufficient instructions for the inventory.
3. Menus and pop ups allow clickthroughs. Which means you can accidently click on a building or purchase something you do not intend to. That needs to be fixed.
4. There is insufficient instruction for the objective of the game. Am I supposed to destroy things, help people? Who are the invaders I am shooting with the tank?
5. It would be nice if you sepperated the "instructions" and "credits" buttons from the main game window.
6. The minigame needs work on hit detection. And ballancing. It just really isn't very good. And takes a long time to earn enough money to buy stuff that you don't know what to do with.

For the players who are wondering, after you get a code for an item you have to input that code into the game. So you do unfortunately need to write it down. Also you can not copy and paste the code, if you try you will inadvertantly end up buying things you don't want. After getting the code click on the little avatar of yourself in the upper left corner of the game screen. This brings up your inventory screen. In the lower left corner is a box you can input your code into. Note you have to click on the appropriate part of the avatars body to place the item. You can't input the code on any screen.

Overall I am giving this game a 4 out of 10 and a 3/5, because although I can tell the game had effort put into it and should pass judgement. It also has alot of work that needs be done on it. I mean, please mate give us an objective or tell us there is none.

Rehtael responds:

That level of critique means a lot to me, I understand it can be a bit confusing, but as i know it, overly detailed instructions cause people to actually ignore them.
and i will try to put in two other minigames, one of which im hoping to make some kind of fighting game from, but i'll need to workshop my ideas a bit. I'm almost out of school for the summer, so i may or may not get any work done over the summer (I usually have other things to do). but I will try to create the official version in due time. plus im still learning a lot about coding as i go, just this morning i solved a major design oversight, that i ignored during testing.
and unfortunately, the items do not do anything, they are just cosmetic, but i do hope to change that in a potential minigame.
and the poor hit detection, was actually intended, with hope people would consider it a "missed shot".
And if i knew more about sounds and music coding, i would place a different song in the minigame, and i've tried to do research for the coding i need, but do you know how hard it is to find working actionscript 2.0 codes for sound? It's HELL- on a screen.

Especially since ive only been coding for 2 and 1/2 years, with no help or above-beginner instruction, no books, and no decent tutorials.

but reguardlessly, i appriciate the organized review, instead of the usual; "This sucks, idnot git et".


If this is the BETA version, I can't wait for the full version, touch up the artwork though, and a little more variety in music, it gets a bit repetative