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Ace Invaders

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(Something seems to be wrong with the Mochi preloader, I'm trying to fix it)

Blast as many enemies as you can before you're defeated, and get a high score. Everything is random, so you might get some bad luck once or twice.


Mouse to move and shoot.

Weapons go to your right or left hardpoint depending on where you grab it.

EXP applies to all weapons; you lose nothing by switching a weapon.

There are 9 weapons: Vulcan, Railgun, Spread Shot, Mega Missile, Laser Lance, Plasma Thrower, Blade Missile, Bits and X-Shot.

There are 13 normal enemies and 5 bosses. The game continues until you are defeated.

Right Click to Pause

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Graphics are terrible while the gameplay is your usual all too common shooter kind, controls are lame. There are enough upgrades, but little point to them when it all looks same kind of bad.

and you "died" not "dead"

Nice game, just maybe give a graphic sign to tell the player when he levels up

Very fun!

Double Vulcan and double Laser Lance ftw!


:D great game the losing screen made me laugh...


Very simple and fun game. It's also very easy... until the enemy starts shooting back. I liked it though! Good Job!