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Lines In Time

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This is a short film I made for my assignment at uni. The unit was called Lines In Time and was based around synchronising animation to music using predominantly lines, hence the lack of fill and shapes and such. The music I used is called Justice Day by Martin Werner.

Here's a link to his Newgrounds profile http://robomanus.newgroun ds.com/

I went a little over the 30 second threshold :D The story is based around the world loneliest lightning bugg, a species concept I created for another animation, and follows his journey as he finds his place amoung the clouds. Theres a lot of love on here so I hope you enjoy XD

*Updated* This is a better quality version although flash still isnt working so I cant add a preloader. Sorry guys

**Just to clarify, he doesnt commit suicide. Without dying, he flies his way into heaven because the world he was living in was not a world he wanted to reside in. We went to live his days with his family among the clouds of the afterlife. No deaths except for his family of course.

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Nice Flight

Favorite part: the animated flying. I really like how it's done, and the music fits perfectly. Plus the lack of color fills doesn't take away from it, it just helps you focus on the lightning bug more. And yeah, i guess i was feeling pessimistic 'cause i thought the light was going to be a bug zapper in the end, but i'm glad it wasn't. Nice twist!


this is just butifull
so emotional and a good story
i love the ending and the music

once again

a very nice flash... good job brother... (-_-)

Heartwarming and Absolutely Stunning!

Very few songs, movies and other forms of art can bring me to an emotional state like that after watching Lines in Time. There is a deep meaning behind the short story displayed, and those that can understand and grasp it the way I did can hardly find any faults in this wonderful animation.

The music was an excellent selection to go along with the animation, and it flowed together quite nicely. However, because you synchronized both music and animation, the mood changed too quickly from the sad and depressing tone to the happy escape. I do realize that you did not write the song, so this was hardly under your control, but I am quite amazed that you pulled it off so well.

Also, the simplistic animation and design was just enough to draw me in. I admire you're ability to create mood through black and white, as in the beginning when the lightning bug couldn't bear to see his reflection, the dark overtone truly helped bring out that expression. Then slowly as he begun to break free, everything brightened up and you instantly felt a sign of relief.

I am by no means spiritual or religious, but the ending was absolutely beautiful. It almost feels as if the little creatures happiness was intended to give the viewers' hope, and I even felt a little joy myself. I hardly ever write reviews on NG, but your work is just one of the few I feel the need to commend. Thank you.


AliensOnToast responds:

Wow. Thankyou very much. You made my day/week/year. Thankyou


I liked it alot. enough said.