Legend of Krystal v0.1.1

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WARNING: This Game contains mostly sexual acts involving Furry and Monster porn.

To move use the keyboard arrows.

Inspired by the art of VixenTamer, I decided to make a side-scrolling/point-and-
click game about Krystal Fox trying to survive within a tribe of SharpClaws. The goal was to create one character sprite that could be recycled into any sexual position - for easy and quick animation without having to redraw anything - thus more content, faster. Then the plan was to share my fla file, so that anybody could create their own animation with very little effort - thus even more content.

What ended up as a small project in hopes to create a decent amount of adult-flash animations, turned out to inspire an entire collaborative effort towards its completion:
"The Legend of Krystal Team" (LoK Team)

For awhile now the LoK Team has been working together to create what I believe will be a simply amazing Adult RPG flash-game (not just because its sexy, but because of its quality).

They haven't released what I have seen yet, but I promise you, it makes the original just a rough-sketch in comparison.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming v0.3 here:


Hmm.... After crashing i just have to finish the game or just suck these alien dicks?

Nice job you must of work hard on this? Love the level and you might want to make more when there fucking her to make it seem as there overwhelming her with there dicks and make them all differnt sizes maybe if you make another one.

Now thats a truully 1 of 5 top Adult games of NewGrounds.
sure this!!
great game man!. just great.

It won't load at all!!

Best adult flash-game I've played yet! The animations were superb and Krystal's design was flawless. Being able to change her outfit throughout the game was a great addition too. Only thing I would add are more sound effects for the scenes before you get into the cave and maybe a way to sprint. Other than that, it's amazing! Anyone that likes furries will love this! Can't wait to play the full game.

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4.35 / 5.00

May 20, 2010
5:57 AM EDT
Adventure - Other