Carrotland Adventures Pt1

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Firstly I'd like to appologize for splitting the film in 2 parts, this was done mainly to keep it watchable while still being able to make it under 10mb. Each part is about 2 and ahalf minutes long. Also, I'm sorry that I cannot include a pre-loader with this one, as it wasn't originally exported as a .SWF file. Yes, it was animated in FLASH, but only one shot at a time (as each file was huge considering the ammount of hand-drawn sprites that were used). It was then edited together using Final Cut Pro.

As said, this cartoon is mainly drawn by hand, but is animated using Flash. It's meant to be a spoof of the 1969 Beatles film Yellow Submarine and works with a similar storyline... An invader (dressed in Blue Meanie clothes) attacks Pepper-- I mean Carrotland and it's up to Carrotman to save it... once he realizes it's being invaded that is. Also inspired by Terry Gilliam's cartoons for Monty Python, as well as David Firth's animations. Look out for Yellow Submarine references throughout and have fun with this colourful adventure. I hope you like it!



try a pre loader next time

Definitely unique...

This was definitely a unique video. I do recommend adding a preloading screen so that there is no lag in the actual video. Also, the animation could be a little better. The video had those two borders which gave the whole thing a strange feel to it. One more thing... I recommend actually ending the video at the end. As I write this, it is going into it's third play through. I did how the narrator had a personality of his own though. It really added a comical feel to it! Good Job!

It is as the prophecy foretold!

I lmao'd at this. I love the animation style, and it was just too funny to comprehend. The camel's hat is amazing.

9lb Review

I found this really amusing, just one or two little comments:

1) The voice acting at the beginning lacked a little something, just up until it pauses for you to be threatened by Carrotman. Otherwise I thought the rest of the voices were really well done and fit the characters.

2) The shot of Carrotman's TV was just a little bit too long I think, felt like it stalled the action a bit.

3) When Carrotman shoots the narrator, it wasn't immediately obvious to me who he was talkng to and I had to watch it again to work out what was going on. Perhaps just for that brief moment put a bit more emphasis on the difference between the voices of the narrator and the Carrotman. Or perhaps have Carrotman voiced by somebody else to make the difference more marked?

Otherwise I really enjoyed this and am now going to go and find the second half. Keep up the references! :)

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CarrotPatrol responds:

Thank you. The second part is now online.
You have some very valid points, particularly the one about the TV. Something which I feel I might have repeated a bit with some of my other films and that I will definitely take into account for future films.

There are Beatles references in 3 of my films, including this one.
The other 2 are Monster Marathon and its sequel Midnight Flash...
You can find them here: www.youtube.com/carrotpatrol


nice job dude

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May 19, 2010
6:52 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody