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Link Misses His Target

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Just wanna say three things to everyone out there.
1. If this movie's score reaches 3.80, please vote 0. This is NOT an amazing animation and it doesn't deserve a score that high. I think it deserves 3.60. I can understand it going a little higher, but please don't let it get out of control.
2. I know a lot of you think I'm a real smug bastard, but let me just quickly say that isn't the case. If you write a real review/complaint, I will respond to it. If I thought I was so high and mighty, do you think I'd waste time doing that? If I truly was arrogant, I'd just laugh at your opinions and insult you further, but I'm not doing that. You can check out my responses to some reviews if you want to try and understand me a bit better before judging me, but that's your call. Hate me, hate my parody, that's fine with me; you're human because you have your own opinions and tastes, and I think that's great.
3. If you don't like me or this parody, please don't blame or hate the musician or voice actor. Poor representation of their work is entirely my fault and they don't necessarily support or have any affiliation with me.
- - - - /edit - - - -

Well, after watching a movie called "Zelda - Target", I found myself somewhat insulted and upset that such a movie would achieve such a high score and gain such recognition. A score over 4/5, getting featured on the front page, receiving such blind praise... The animation was very short, poorly shaded, the joke's delivery was mediocre, the zoom on Link had zero intensity... Really, I didn't even smile a little bit. The creator had some interesting animating techniques, such as the fairy sparkle things that came from Navi. I think his movie was alright, but really nothing special.
I mean, I'm not trying to blame the guy or put him down. It's not his fault the people of Newgrounds overrated his movie, and he did say it was just a small project he did for some university class. Anyhow, I thought to myself, "Hell, I could do that. I could do it better." So, I did. It took me 3 days. I originally thought of a few gags, including one I didn't animate where someone nearly gets hit and then shoots back, but decided to just go with the first gag in this movie. Matthew Rushton tossed out some suggestions when I showed him a small preview, resulting in the multiple versions.

Oh, and a shoutout to voiceactingclub.com. I know it's in the credits, but thanks again to the three voice actors who sent in auditions for Navi on such short notice and to the Voice Acting Club staff for running such a useful site.

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I know you asked us to vote zero if it was over a certain amount (it is over that amount) but I voted 3, which is still lower than it's current rating but also my honest opinion. I know people really don't know how to rate things (one reason why youtube's thumbs up/down thing was actually a good idea because although on an individual basis it's less accurate, on the whole it's more accurate and most people just vote highest or lowest options anyways.) but that's not my responsibility.
I can only give my honest opinion not lie to manipulate statistics. therefore I would be a terrible politician. in this review I give half of an extra star because navi's voice is cuter than it was in Oot, combined with the hilarity of making fun of the guy who inevitably says it would be better if he hit navi.


DannyP responds:

wa tchout

yrea should've hit navi link

DannyP responds:


Pretty good. Although the little messages kept flashing by to quick, and the repition of Navi's line got alittle annoying at the end. All in all it was okay.

DannyP responds:

Your review is quite fair enough, cristisrisen.


only two words crazy and fun

DannyP responds:

That was 6 words and an emoticon )-: