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A Bee RPG 3

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I was browsing through my games when I realized the Bee RPG on Newgrounds was far outdated, so I decided to release this one. Play as a bee, fighting creatures, powering up, and collecting honey. After you collect enough honey you can fight the queen bee! Enjoy!

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There should be better instructions for this game and the shops. Add better buttons to make it easier to click.

quiet good

this game indeed has potential i think you really got the skills for good games! keep up the work

cant play it for more than 1 minute

text only cannot be placed as a button


Sorry but... yes.. you do need at least some instructions as to how to play the game. Point and Click or no, it still needs some work at being user friendly.

Buttons and areas need to be much clearer, maybe a better roll-over highlight system?

I mean I thoroughly got stuck a the centre- There was no way for me to leave the area and I clicked everywhere on the page and randomly got off it.

And yes, in the battles the link to activate the options needs to be a box with text on, rather than the text itself.

As for the graphics... It's not so bad considering Kingdom of Loathing exists. It is a good idea, but it does need work to make it a success.

hallaby responds:

hmmmm k

Work needed, but good

Firstly, I must admit that this is a pretty solid engine to run by.

But, obviously, for a groundbreaker, it's going to need work.

First piece of advice...
This is probably self explanatory, but, GET A GRAPHICS ARTIST.
I got enough of it to get through the game, but it would be a lot better to the general public with better graphics.

Secondly, buttons. It's extremely annoying to pinpoint the place to click on a battle (I.E. the letters precisely). If you make general buttons, life would be much easier.

Other than that, Maybe add a few more items, enemies, backgrounds, and a minor quest system.. And you've got a pretty solid RPG coming along.