Killer Cirkel!

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hi this is my first flash movie so pls be nice to me. i took 2 weeks to learn and makes this animation and it was very funny. my goal is to get a score of 2 or more.

here is some things i will like you to do:
-Vote 2 or more.
-write a long reweiw
-tell how to make Adobe Flash CS3 trail not run out
-write if there is a TUT/video i must see

Things ill do:
-be happy if i get a score over 2
-write back to all yours reweiws
-answer all PM
-see all links/vidios you posting
-make more animations


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Nice for a first try =)

It wasn´t bad at all for a first try. Keep going and you will become very good at flash =).

PS. Sry for not writing a long review but I just couldn´t find anything wrong with it or things to improve, just keep going =).

reinert responds:

thanks and ill try hard on getting better

Good try

-It's much better than my first video that I submitted here. You at least had some patience involved with making something that was longer than fifteen seconds. You used some interesting enemies in there too.

-The concept isn't very original in that it's just a little fight scene on one background that never changes. If at all possible make a more detailed background in future works that the action moves around and even use many different background areas if you make something larger than the space you use for the picture.

-The main character was thankfully not a poorly drawn stick person but it was a poorly drawn circle thing that could of at least used some floating hands. How exactly does he shoot a gun or hold a sword from his side? The enemies were mostly similar to this except for a few exceptions like the magician and the dragon thing that had a bit more detail. Try making most of the characters used like that.

-Everything wasn't exactly that fluid. It was choppy and slow and items just seemed to float at the same speed without taking into account weight or how it would actually react if done in real life. Again the background was the same with the main character moving around it. Try to have the background change some so it doesn't get bland.

-The sound was a lot higher quality than the rest of the work. It's the main thing that stands out. I'm not sure if you made the sounds or if you took them from somewhere and added them to the animation but good job nonetheless in that department.

-Overall it was a good start to animating for you and I hope you take some time to learn a few things and take even more time before you submit anything else. Effort really shows when you have something that looks really crisp and clean.

-Review Request Club

reinert responds:

thanks for the reweiv and its good im not completly bad at makeing flash movies ;)

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3.04 / 5.00

May 19, 2010
12:39 PM EDT