Good Fortune

May 19, 2010 –
November 20, 2017
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Pray for good fortune.


how long does it take?

So, the "game" consists on walking two steps to the right, stopping ten seconds, walking two steps to the left, waiting five seconds, repeat.

I agree with xmadblood1, I am also anti-religious and I understand the message. It's very creative and deep, as simplistic as it is. Love your games.

As far as artsty games, It leaves it open to intepretation which in itself is very simple.

The expierence of the game is based on the person, not the actual game.....Very Very Clever yet so simple. The game averages roughly 3 stars according to the reviews. I'm assuming that means 2/5 people who saw this were cynical/skeptic/didn't get the message/Anti god/Anti religion.

4.5 stars for making the reader think and ponder it, Getting to know themselves a little better. It's not five stars because you didn't add a picture on the wall, Who doesn't have a picture on the wall in their bedroom?

Look guys, I made a shitty- I mean an arty game!

The only thing saving you from 0 stars is the machine gun under the bed. Now that's what I call gameplay.

People who say this is about not believing in God aren't paying attention at all...

It's like this joke someone told me once:
A guy would pray every single day, begging God to win the lottery...
He kept on doing it until one day he heard a voice from above:
- I heard your prayers, and you shall win... Now please, GO BUY A TICKET

Now, at first glance, one could assume this game is simply saying that Religion is false. That sitting in one area and hoping from the bottom of your heart, day and night, over and over, in some special way involving weird words and believing that it will somehow magically relieve you of all of your troubles and problems is a foolish idea that makes no sense and should have been abandoned long ago. And that would make sense; like I said at the beginning, at first glance that would appear to be the straightforward message of this game. Once you connect the only two surefire facts that you have (Man prays for fortune and refuses to leave until it happens), there's really only one conclusion you can draw from that.

But you know what? I'm a skeptic. I'm a stupid, confused, questioning, curious kid. And I think that there's something more.

Maybe the message is not anti-religion, but rather anti-greed. His exact words were "give ALL fame wealth and fortune to me". Maybe the idea is that his god is not giving him good fortune because he asked for all of it, and too much of anything is a bad thing. Think about it. If you were a god and somebody basically asked you to make them the luckiest, most important, most well-off person on the planet, would you do it? No matter how devout a follower he is, you're effectively dooming every other person on the planet, whether they worship you or not.

Or maybe the message is one of patience? Maybe his words shouldn't be taken so literally, as I was doing above, but rather his patron deity could bend the meaning a bit to just "I pray for good fortune". So maybe the message is that nothing in this life or the next is immediate, and he must wait for the circumstances of his good fortune to add up so that he may finally receive it.

OR MAYBE the message is that everything must be balanced in life. He refuses to leave his house until he receives his good fortune, but how is he supposed to receive his fortune if he does not interact with the outside world? He could receive a package or a letter bringing good fortune, I suppose, but what if he didn't order anything or isn't expecting mail? Think about the situation. How long could he have been waiting for his good fortune? Minutes? Hours? Days? Maybe the meaning behind it is that if life had nothing but good fortune, then good fortune would be considered the normal fortune. Nothing in life would be beneficial if everything was. Without bad fortune to give meaning to the good fortune, then what IS good fortune?

To all people who have posted reviews stating they believe the message is simply anti-religion, I think you should, once in a while, step back from an obvious meaning and really think about whether it's so obvious, whether it's REALLY the only conceivable meaning or outcome, whether the artist is ACTUALLY as pretentiously condescending as he seems at first glance.

This is why I love bare-bones art games, because, for once in my life, actually have an EXCUSE to ramble on and on and on.

The music makes me want to drift into my bed, relax under the soft, puffy, warm sheets, and go into a deep sleep where all my wants and needs can be made into a reality, and I can have fun all night, until the blazing, flaming, beautiful sun comes up. Yes, I like this game.

Guys, this isn't about whether or not you should believe in God. It's about whether or not you are willing to work harder to receive good fortune. That's it.

There is a god. although i don't follow any religion, i have prayed for two different things and i recieved both in time. he is real.

Dear AustinBreed

I know you're an atheist and you're probably tried to show by this game that praying to good is useful. But I as a christian I'm not offense by this game. I don't find it anti-christian. Actually I find this game has pro-christian message.

We're christians should pray to our God to glorify him, beg him for forgiveness and for help. But we should remember that God isn't a genie who makes all our wishes. God is like GOOD FATHER who love us, but He cannot make all our wishes and solve all our problems. He wants us we learned how to solve problems. We cannot please Him for that trivial things like fame, money and fortune. We have to get them themselves. Prayer is not enough, we must do something to get that things. Even in Bible is written:

"Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone."
James 2:17

That's my opinion about message of this game. You probably have a diffrent.

The graphics and music are nice, but I give this game only two and half stars. Why? Because it has to little possibilities. You can only pray, walk to doors, get information that you haven't got fortune yet and pray again. That makes this game boring.


very nice,i find a truth in this,but not at first.at first i just sat there thinking,waiting for something to happen. nut after a while of no change, i then truly realized that nothing was meant to happen.and through that void of.happenings,i realized that the truth lay in the fabric of the message this was meant to leave us all thinking about.that praying may help,(evreythings's better when God's in it)but if one seeks fortune,one must earn it for himself

it just keeps on saying the same thing over again

really touching with this game
and i shows that you can expect to get everything at one, you have to work for it

It's definitely an art game, but I wish there was more to it. The music is fine and the message comes across well, but at the same time it was sorta boring with not a lot to it. Oh well, I still liked it though.

I like this, because it's the truth. I myself am quite religious, and yet I don't take offense by this game, I know that praying and praying and expecting something to happen just won't do. You have to actually do something to get what you want. I think people who would be offended by this just misunderstand the idea.

You can't just expect things to happen.

its not meant for fun. it was ment to portray a deep message, you keep praying and praying and you dont get what you want, the thing is, you dont get what you want from just praying for it. you gotta work for it and by praying god will help you get what you want as you work for it.

Not hate speech, just a polite point of view. It would be terribly unjust if I was reprimanded by newgrounds for this

I hate it when some religious people think they can just pray the world away and forget about all of the worlds problems. If you think that preying for somebody to be better off is better than actually helping them then you are horribly un-empathetic.

I see your point. Can't just pray for good things to happen; you need to go out and make your fortune most times. Luck favors to prepared and all that, and God can't do everything for you.

Nice game. Simple and to the point.

well the game was based on something realt booring
and how long do i have to pray?

seems like there is a definite message here, i couldnt quite figure out how to play the game though

What does Christianity have to do with dragons?

Let me tell you, I'm a Christian, and I've seen other Christians taking this message in the wrong way. Though most people are right, the message is that you can't just tell God to give you something you want, and expect it to happen, He's not a vending machine. And people who believe that He is, are obviously just using Him.

Very good game.

This was a great game but I had a little trouble finding the weapons and stuff.

This game can give you two different messages, depending on your belief.

If you're atheist, then this probably tells you that you can't rely on religion, because it's a creation of mankind to get things without effort, as the person below me has said. You must rely on yourself, and you can't hope for some magical being to give you what you want.

If you're Christian, then this tells you that you can't always ask God for something and expect God to just put it at your doorstep simply because "you prayed for it". If you do that, then you're just using God and Christianity as tools, and all you're going to get from it is dissapointment.

I think both messages basically tell you the same thing. You can't rely on God to give you everything you want. You have to put in the effort. The man in this game just prays and then waits at the door. Whether God exists or not, nothing happens because that man never gets out of the house. God is not a tool, He is an inspiration that some people may need to help them get something they want. Other people may reject God and Christianity because they may not need that inspiration and they do fine by themselves, and that just means they're a strong person without God in them already.

With or without God's help, if that man wants good fortune, he need to get out of that room and do everything in his power to end his poverty.

Being religious is believing in magic. Magic is a concentrated form of mankind's desire to break the rule of Equivalent Exchange; we want to get things without effort. We don't want to be happy, we want to be satisfied.

This game portrays Christianity perfectly.

Christianity is not like this at all but at the same time i dont agree with the person under me. God doesn't answer prayers out of greed. And like what the person under me stated, The way He answers our prayers is not always clear to us. So I think your idea of this is wrong but I have no right to disaprove your beliefs. I'm just saying you shouldn't disaprove of someone elses.

I really like this game and it's message. I think that they way you put out the message was very well done as well.

good job (:

Shitty game. This is NOT how christianity works. God answers every prayer, he just does'nt always answer YES. Just because we do not understand why or how these things work does mean they are dissproved.

This is what Christianity is really like. even if you pray as hard as you can to god he does not give you what you want. this explains that christians are usually in need of something, then they worship a god to see if their need is fullfilled which is in a 1/1,000,000 chance

The message of this game is grand. The delivery is not though. The only way to improve on this is to immerse the player by having the character go on an adventure with the same outcome. With more time and work put into playing the game the player will have a better appreciation of the message your trying to show.

I don't care what other people say, i think this game is great. All your games have great meanings into them and are really awesome :)

It really doesn't do anything for me, and - to be honest - is way too religious for an ex-Christian like me. Nothing really happens and it's pretty boring. Not really a game. Sorry, but no.

I prayed for your games to be less shitty and pretentious, but alas, no fortune yet.

All you Christian folks are so cute, like internet newbies who've never seen goatse.cx ^_^

I dig the message, but this isn't really a game, eh?

Well, I suppose for you, former drug/alcohol addicts and broken families reunited don't count as testimonies of good fortune. But this isn't a game! No challenge, no strategy or story, just a thought.

An Art-Game must be a game too, right?

who is god, he is a load of ol' bollox

"God Helps those who help themselves."

I let him pray for awhile and was like, right lets go earn some cash! and then, nope no fortune yet... Guess this will teach people who just sit and wait for someone to do hard work for you!

Part of this game is true, but let me tell you: God can HELP you whenever He wants, in the way He wants, so you can pray wrongly..for example: Give me Money God! ( You are being lazy XD)

A good prayer is prayer that is in the will of God,, for example: God, help me to find a Job, i'm don't have any money.

Because God is not a wishing machine, He is your father, He loves you so much that He gave His only son, Jesuschrist, for you and He wants THE BEST for you, so He will say to you: Get up! Look for a Job, I will be with you :).


This isn't a game in any way; it's a message. A message telling you that no matter how long you're praying for something, it's not going to come true unless you do something about it. Try and try as I did in this game, and I did, nothing happened. Nothing will happen unless he goes out of that room and does something, but he won't do that until something does happen. In that sense, he's trapped. Trapped with only one thing he can do. Pray.

For everyone who doesnt get it.

No matter how much you pray , God cannot allways help you,
You must get out. (You cant in this game because your buried in the prayer)

And work for good fortune , Getting fortune isint Deplicted upon prayer , but also hard work.

Beautiful Message, Beautiful game. 10/10

Kinda has a nice message to it.

So, uh, *cough* where's all the fame, wealth, and good fortune?


I think that what the game means to tell us, is that no matter how fervently we pray or hope or wish for something, that we cannot be helped if we do not help ourselves. God (or whatever name you have for a higher power) will help you in your endeavor, but until you embark on the journey, He can't aid you. Also, I think that the game means to say that things like fame, fortune, and wealth are all worldly and below the interests of a higher power.

we ask for everything not just from god but from everyone family goverment or just talking to ourself without doing anything. butit doesnt mean its smart to belive we need to do things not like what martialartist said is not possible without effort but we still more than likely wont get it. we are many few achieve in life.

Its not thats it isn't possible for divine powers but there is a old saying. Give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach him how to fish he will eat forever, give a man religion he will die praying for fish. Games like this convey a message that we all interpret different this is what makes it art.

I beleive that this game is basically telling you that prayering is useless,religion dosen't exist and that ur wasting your time trying to worship.

dont say that in front of me because it is possible you atheist

Although I agree with everything Nomader is saying, he is wrong. The game is not about work vs. faith, in fact, it goes much deeper than that. The message here is that we would all like to believe that there is a greater power beyond the realm of Earth, but it's simply not possible.
The player is stirred to keep praying because he believes that, in doing so, something will be achieved. Every time the player goes to check the door, he loses a little bit of faith and, eventually, stops praying entirely.
It's a paradox. If you spend all your time praying, you have something to hope for, but you'll never achieve it. Once you look through the door and see that your efforts have been for naught, you lose your hope forever, and the game becomes meaningless.

This is the second of your flashes that I've played through now which focus on the idea of faith vs. working towards your goal-- and again, this flash, like "Have Faith", succeed in driving home the message you want to achieve: that although it is good to have faith, life will not reward you for doing nothing. You must work for what you earn.

When I was about six or so (being the good Catholic school student that I was), I remember praying for things without understanding the meaning behind them. "God, give me a Nintendo 64 so I can play Mario Kart like all my friends", or "Please give me a million dollars". And I would be disappointed when I wouldn't get these things. The prayer of the man in this game reminds me of those kind of things-- hoping to get everything by doing nothing.

Life does not realistically work this way. If I hope to have a million dollars, I can't just kneel down at the side of my bed and pray to God that I can get it-- I have to work at it. And this game succeeds brilliantly in making you think about this. We all wish that we can attain wealth and fortune without working for it, but "Good Fortune" reminds us that such a fantasy is impossible to attain.

Yet again, this shit's awesome. I may not have fortune yet, but this got me to think.

I agree You cant pray for good fortune, and god will only give through hard work. But this isnt a game so no stars sorry.

This game is amazing and very powerful.

It's a little disappointing that all the other commenters thought it was about religion. :/

Man, I love how much emotion you can convey in your games with minimal artwork and simple gameplay.
Just epic

yeah ok... ur religous... and?

I guess the pointy is you can wish or pray all day for good fortune
but that stuff comes by through hard work and action, hence the fact you will not progress any. Well I got that out of this. I like all your simulations since they do have a point to make with out saying allot nor getting personal.


this is EXTREME... ly boring what's the point of this game, you just pray and that's all BOOOORRRRING

wow how lame...i just wated my time...on a religus game? what a waste

after 24 hours of gameplay it actually worked :D

im super duper cerial. :l

I lost my time, I hate to pray

I see what you did there. :P The way you create short, but meaningful flashes is very interesting. Keep up the good work.

@ kuknangtr and bakasi7
That's the point of the game. Lol.

This game is stupid!How could it have THAT SCORE??? You must improve A LOT ,Austin.as a criticism I'll have to give this a 1 on 10
P.S:You can't have ANYTHING without working!Just prays won't work

You don't win the lottery if you don't bet. You don't get stronger if you don't train and practice. You don't get smarter if you don't study. You can't win if you don't try. You won't escape from a dog chasing you if you don't run away. YOU JUST CAN'T GET WHAT YOU WANT WITHOUT DOING SOMETHING!! GOD does not exist to provide us with everything we want. He already did create EVERYTHING! We just have to go out and get them!

I thought it was quite good. It shows the reality of prayer rather then what everyone wished prayer could be. I would write more but I think everyone else has already written everything that could be written about this game so I'll leave it at that.

the point of this game isn't, i think, to say that praying is worthless. when i first played it, i read what the person was praying for, and all i could think of was how selfish his prayers were. but playing it again, i'm not sure that that's the point either. i think what the creator was going for was that you can't just pray for something to happen, you have to work for it. sure, you can pray. but don't expect that alone to be enough. they say God helps those that help themselves. so go ahead and pray, but then go out into the world and work for what you prayed for.

I'm reminded of a conversation in Hogfather between Death and Albert about the concept of hope. Unlike there, however, apparently this child's anthropomorphic personification doesn't give a shit about him. It enjoys wasting time, because he can't even leave his own house to make his dreams come true himself.

If this game is more about the reactions of the reviewers... then good show, but still annoying to play.

What do you mean? What is the meaning behind this game? Is it positive or negative? Do you think praying and believing is not true?

Please explain what it is you want to tell through this game.

p.s. No stars have been selected. For me, 0 means pending.

Nice and minimal concept game about the meaning of preying.


Bad art game is, once again, bad.

The animation is alright but the game as a whole is boring, just staying in the one room and praying non-stop... Would be much better if you could do other things (like leave that room for one).

Well, to begin with, are you seriously religious or just trolling with us? this might actually be an insult to the Christina/Catholic religion, your implying that they do nothing for themselves but pray, and I'm not really a religious guy but my family is Catholic, and Ive heard this passages that says (something like) : "Work hard for what you want, and with the help of God, you will achieve..." these means that they do have to pray, but not only that, they also have to act...

And anyways, theres no end to this, no lesson, just waiting, I know you might give the excuse of "its to proof faith and patience" but bullshit!, its a game, give us the right to believe in what we want and go upload that on "www.iwillconvertyouintoachristian.co m"!

read on

Your animation was fair. That's what my rating is for. You can't get more than two stores because no controls, no depth, and what is this a shock project for your parents? Keep your opinions where they belong, up your butt.

Saminagg I guess those who believe in the power of prayer would say that you could never be sure. Nah, they'd probably reinterpret their current wealth and interpret it through rose colored glasses.

I would have given it a 10 if there was an option to give up praying, leave the room and get a job to get money. Maybe you could make a sequel, where a guy falls down a well, and he has 2 choices, either pray to be rescued from the hole by devine influence, or take the cell phone out of his pocket and call for help of a more mundane variety.

I remember hearing about a double-blind experiment that I thought was hilarious. They took a list of people who were admitted to hospitals 50 years earlier in critical condition. Some of them died from their current ordeals, some of them survived them and were discharged from the hospitals. And the experiment was to have a bunch of people pray for the recovery of one person of their choice on the list. Mind you it all happened long before. Needless to say, the result was that there was no statistical advantage for recovery from retroactive prayer.

I'm not sure if the meaning of this game is that prayers will get us nowhere or you have to pray long enough to get fortune cause I didn't play it long enough to be sure.

I really loved the idea and the simplicity!

I get the point, yes, but you could do a well-developed interesting game about it. It's sad that you just mock mindlessly at chrisianity, without pulling out a great game from it.

the reason hes not getting any fortune is because the guy is saying fame wealth and not fame and wealth

While this may or may not actually be an attack, I don't know if I would say 100% (unless he's said it elsewhere) that this game is actually an attack on Christianity. The vast majority of religions from what I have seen feel that without some work on your own, prayer will get you nowhere. Prayer is not to replace effort, but is to show worship and faith, while some people (and you can get as upset as you want to be with this, but people are this way) pray and expect their prayers to be answered immediately without having to do anything themselves. I'm not going to say this game is great by any means, it's kind of a joke in my opinion, but I just feel it is extremely foolish to act like he's trying to start a holy war.

The game itself could use some work or a boost in graphics or actually be made into a game. This probably would have been better simply as a flash video in my opinion.

are you a troll?

"Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer."

if you are mocking christianity like kumikomoonlight said then you are bang out of order think about christians for once, seriously dude, whats the point, try making a game next time. And austin not beliving in chrisianity is fine , being smug about it is stupid

Seriously? R u seriously trying to mock Christianity? For one thing, this game doesn't hav ANY story at ALL. And another thing, if your trying to prove that your smart or something cuz u don't believe in Christianity then u r SICK. Next time, try making a game WORTH playing

For any of those that feel they have to attack a person's religion to make a point, grow up. I'm a Christian, but I'm not a bible thumper. If someone wants to talk about God with me then I'll say what I know, if not, it probably wont come up at all. Attacking religion, any religion is pointless and futile. What will you accomplish? Destroying something that is absolutly everything to some people? Its frustrating that there are people who point fingers and start screaming obscenities and hate rhetoric. Its even more dissapointing that those people do it to organizations such as churches. Yes there are many corrupt churches out there that are just sucking its victims dry. But how do some people get to the point that they hate the very idea of God, or the idea of some greater being that has absolute power? What good has being that way done for anyone? Go ahead though, make your comments, do your smug cartoons of self importance. It won't get you anywhere.

Oh and the man that went by the name Jesus Christ lived back when Rome controled everything. If you have no clue what you're talking about then just dont talk, keep your thoughts and hate to your self.

To the "artist" and other like minded individuals.
Why would you assume to pray for power and wealth would be something that a christian would do. There are people that do this yes, but they obviously have no idea what it means to be christian. If you don't believe then why are you mocking? Are you just looking for attention, that part worked. Looking to prove something along the lines that you're super-intelligent because you don't belive in superstition, ledgends and ancient babble? that part didn't work. To me you look like a small minded excuse for a human being. You want to look for a reason that people can't stop fighting, can't stop making war on each other? What you did and everything like it in this world speads more and more hate in both directions until one day that one guy just snaps and decides to start killing people that dont believe or do believe.History has already proven this point with the relationship between christians and muslims during the crusades. People hold grudges on little things, after years and years it goes from one little thing and one person to a million little things and a million people...that in turn becomes one big thing and an army. Hate rhetoric such as this and other things like this can cause a snowball effect which will lead mankind directly into hell...weather you believe in it or not. All these left wing liberals that preach acceptence and getting along for a better future but hate the idea of religion are purely hypocritical...before you start hurling that word at me...I could care less what people do..personally I feel that the collective intelligence of the world is dropping at an amazing rate so what they choose to do is no concern of mine until it attacks what I believe when I have done no harm.

i get the message loud and clear but i find nothing valuable out of how it was presented. this needs something to make it have a more tangable point otherwise its not a game....just a smug loop.

God does answer prayers, but he doesn't give a damn about amputees or anyone with brain damage or a terminal illness.

There is no God, at least none that this planet know of. And if you believe in Christ, (or any god), why dont you believe in any other god? If you believe in Christ, the real God (if it exists) doesn't deserve your blind faith.
Anyone who joins a religion is disappointing god, for that person follows a guide of morals, unable to make good decisions on his or her own.
God doesn't want followers, he wants helpers. If you want to make God happy, make other people happy.

I know there are art games out there, some are fun, some are really quite boring, and some don't even serve a purpose. This however, was TERRIBLE. I don't even know what you were trying to achieve out of this.

This is a good message to prosperity churches. However God does answer prayer, and He does bring good things to those who believe in Christ. However, good things often do not mean money or fame or power. Sometimes poverty is method He uses for our good and His glory.

As for myself, the gradual separation of me and my Fiancée felt like Hell in my mind and body. I couldn't understand what was happening or why. I prayed God would change my heart, but eventually it had to end.

However, God has brought me closer to the people I have been ignoring and answered prayers that I might be closer to those in my church and serve them more. He's even put a girl in my life who, in the very least, is an awesome friend and inspires me to grow. I've found much joy even in the sorrow because I know God's plans for me are good, even if they are difficult.

i just puting you this score becouse is good belive in something i think
but you know is something odd pray for something
just have to live an get your chance

your games....like....i know they're art games. But like....seriously....i've played art games that were entertaining. Your are disappointing every time. Although it is a decent message about how praying is useless. so you get some stars

i think that must be some support some people have.
"help yourself and i shall help you"

it's obviously satire...this game was kinda stupid though i know its an art game but it should at least have more the only reason i give it stars is because of 1NV1NC1BLE

I was thinking. There could be a god but still on this earth he dosn't give a Fu**

yea rite praying doesnt do shit in the time i have lived in this world so far all i hav noticed is bad things happening to good people and good stufff happening to bad people so where is the justice in that where is this supposed all mighty god to make things right and punish the sinners and reward the good.

althogh i agree with your point i was not sure if that was the message or if its a atheist stand that god dose not exist.

I got the Message. I couldn't agree more. Some think that you pray and "BAM" it's done and it's yours. That's not how it works. You do your part and God will do his. 5/5 & 10/10

If you can't read, which you obviously can, this is an art game, not a game to entertain you for hours on end. It's meant to sent a message, and some people got it. You, being a retarded asshole, have only enough brain to write a half-assed, comment that slams a brilliant producer and game maker.

How do you know he can hear you?

This game is about the futility of religion. This is not about praying for others, or not being totally dependent on god. This is about how stupid it is to pray, and have faith. This has a great message.

I think the message was that god can only do half teh work you must do some of it yourself too. Prayer alone is not the way to anything. But work with prayer will bring you what you want.

i love the messages dont pray for ur self pray for the people that need help or are in danger and dont just sit there and pout for something u wanted but got something else instead be lucky u got something some people out there cant afford food long line gifts or presents

A message game is worthless if it does not entertain the player as a game. Next time, add some sort of gameplay mechanic into it to make it a game, even if it's not the best gameplay mechanic on the site, give it some sort of gameplay mechanic. A storyline might help too. 0/10

Very nice and messaging game, the POINT is to make it happen yourself, you buttheads. You see, if you pray long enough, you will NEVER GET RICH. I love the song. :D

help them self my friend, if all you do is pray for wealth it means your a greedy asshole, pray for protection health and power to make something more of your self.


God doesn't get shit done. People need to stop praying for something to happen and just make it happen themselves.

While you call this game deep, I call it crap. I get the message, but the message is ignorant. So is the game.

praying is useless, if u spent that time actually doing something constructive you would have a lot less to pray for

Instead of staying inside all day, go out and get something done; "God helps those whom help themselves".

God answers all prayers, but not always in the way you expect. Sometimes He will not answer your prayer as He feels that there is something more worthwhile to pray for.

Our life is a rehearsal for what we will do n heaven. This is my opinion.

Meh. Idk what the hell kind of lesson it's supposed to teach, but I don't get it entirely really. THere's several different interpretations it could be.
- - - - -
In response to the other ratings:

Oh, praying is pointless, is it?

"Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you." (Matthew 7:7)

"If you have faith as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, 'Be pulled up by the roots and be planted in the sea,' and it would obey you."(Luke 17:6)

It shows that nothing is handed to you you have to go and get it. I'm a Catholic but I know that the biblr says that God wont give you whatever you pray for. I'm a huge fan of yours good game.

How can anyone call this a game?

Even though this is a very one dimensional argument it's points are clear, and again, very ambitious.

I would have liked a little more chance to explore an alternative.

... you gotta make things yourself, but you cant know how...

It's saying, stop sitting around hoping and praying for change. Instead, get out there and MAKE it happen, because sitting around, playing flash games isn't going to get you anywhere in life, no matter now much you pray. It's irony.

The games pretty powerful in it's simplicity. I like the soundtrack. ...Males me think about stuff...I think I'll stop writing this review and go change the world now. Bye!

i almost fell asleep after like the four hundred and seventy fifth prayer. SCREW ALL YOU WHO THINK IT'S MEANT TO DO SOMETHING!

Those of us giving it shit are doing so because it's a crappy game to have to wait for.

I get the message, but to expect a game and get an interactive fortune cookie is not really worth a 10. Or even a 5, for that matter.

And once more for good measure: I GET IT

God helps those who help themselves, not those who sit at their bedsides telling him to make fortune magically appear. Point in case, the guy in this video game is a terrible religious if he expects God to just make all of his problems disappear with no work on his part...hold your own beliefs though...peace

Took me a little while and a bit of fumbling through the previous reviews, but I finally got it.

Well done sir.

To everyone who's giving it shit, because nothing's happening, look deeper.

I pray that this comment will not be downrated because it doesn't say anything.
I pray that this comment will not be downrated because it doesn't say anything.
I pray that this comment will not be---- screw this I'm bored

Even though winning doesen't work, this guy is mistaken.

So basically this is just like a lesson thing? You don't pick up anything or do anything really. I like the meaning, although I sat here for quite some time trying to get around the bed to the bookshelf. :)

Makes perfect sense. Praying alone wont get a done. Do get anything done, you munntythingst actualy work to get it; prayers may or many not help but nothing will get done unless you work to get it done. The guy in the game is too lazy to understand thet and thinks that if he prayes long enough he will get what he wants.

not much of a game but funny as hell
at first i didnt get it, i thought i had to get something, or do something but then i relized it was very cleaver

The deepest message of all games.

...to all those who say it isn't a game: It's interactive, so it is...and apparently you haven't understood the higher meaning here.
It made me think for quite some time if something's going to happen or not but then I got it...

Thanks AustinBreed !

Everyone who gave 10/10 to this, have to be placed in a loony bin.

Kind of reminds me of religion...nothing happens when you pray

Never been a big fan of social commentary. That being said. Well done. Aced it.

I think i'll just leave this going for a while.

I hope he wasn't planning on fasting for fortune as well...might get a little hungry

little drunk but it keeps me from doin sumthin dumb XD

Good stuff breeder

you sir,are a genius

the message is pretty good but its not really a game^^

I enjoyed the music because I like those types of calming sounds but.. I guess the game is okie

I guess what this has to say is that if you want something, stop sitting there wishing for it and get up and do something about it. Sounds like my life.

The game isn't too much religious but it says that praying is not an answer for all
nothing happens if you just pray all the times but praying for additional help , forgiveness and thanksgiving will do. But praying for good fortune without doing anything won't do you know, you can sit there all the time and pray but nothing will happen unless other people might come and share you so good fortune.
Anyways I like the message and I have a question , "Is there an ending?"

Not religous, But makes sense??..

The "game" did nothing to convey a real message because there really was nothing to the game at all. The only message it conveys is that, "Praying for things to happen and then doing nothing about it doesn't do anything." which really isn't much of a message. After all, your guy can sit there praying forever, but it's not like anything bad happens to him either. He just kind of stays in a limbo which distracts from any impact this flash carries.

There could have been a ton of things that you could have done to do more with this. I was actually thinking it would have been really interesting if your surroundings started to change the longer you just sat their and just prayed, like people coming and repossessing the items in your home, or getting yourself evicted and eventually praying out in the street. Likewise you could choose to go out the door where your character would work and come back home, with a string of that action slowly changing your character for the better and giving him that wealth.

Either way, I don't much care for broad sweeping statements about the negative or positive effects of religion, which is why I was so disappointed with just how weak this was and how much it could have been with a little more thought or effort.

This certainly deserves to be categorized as "art" in my opinion.
Just reading the reviews shows how even something seemingly simple from the outside can have many many interpretations.
I personally don't see it as a mockery of religion but more of a mockery of humankind and how it will seek aid from the selfless to fuel their selfish desires as well as their needs.

God helps those who help themselves, right?
You can't get rich and famous without having done something, anything, first.
Its like Haruko says in Fooly Cooly:
"Nothing can happen till you swing the bat."

I thought it was a very pathetic attempt at bashing religious people. You can say there is a meaning behind it but in the end this game is making fun of religion.

We have a saying at my country: "Tie your horse well before praying to god".

This is absolutely wonderful. The growing number of games with some kind of meaning or, like Newgrounds categorized, "Art Games", shows the intimate relation between that existis between games and people nowdays. The message was really clear, to me; it was NOT an "anti-religious" game, an attempt to ridicularize religion itself. It came to show to religious people that, while it is alright to pray, that, alone, achieves nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Great way to show the value of real human effort, congratulations on this great piece.

stupid creationists. I like your game's meanings a lot, man!

I get the idea that only praying does absolutely nothing if you want to achieve anything, but I just feel that it could have been executed differently, such as a look at the person's life before praying, then after (with his life being the same) and so on, the person slowly realizing that he must work for what he wants.
idk, just a thought. Nice idea behind the game though!

The meaning behind this game is that you cannot get anything from just praying. If you pray enough your prays won't magically be received.

You must work for what you want.

i didnt get it...i sat here forever

if you rate this as getting a point across then this is a 7 or 8. However, this is a game and as a game it is boring and offers only decent sound which keeps it from having 0 stars.

I lolled...

Reminds me a lot of Hercules and the Wagoner. Very nice.

What do you do! he just prays the same thing and nothing happens! Good music though

And that's why you should'nt be putting too much realism into a game.

too deep herpderp
gimme a break

I love how it demonstrates the futility of prayer. AustinBreed, are you an Atheist by any chance?

It was well done. That's what the 8/10 is for.

But you've seemed to miss something. Faith, even in false things, can create stability. It gives people hope and a reason to keep one going. It gives them positive thinking, and it gives them the strength and courage to go further than they ever would have before.

It also gives us the laws and the rules that we follow. Anarchists are those who have perverted life, and have faith in nothing but their own goals, hoping to bring them to fruition. They rarely do.

Extremism is what creates a problem. It's what people kill each other over. It's what creates anger. It's what creates titles and conflicts over them. It's what labels things as useful or useless, where racism, prejudice, and hatred come from. No just in religion, just in life. Being extremist on almost anything will always cause friction. It creates morals that are taken too far, and it angers people.

This game is an example of extremism. Your extremist beliefs that a God doesn't exist and that nothing good comes of having faith in something. That is where you are dead wrong.

i get that there is a meaning but is this it? the kid sits and prays at his bed the whole time? i come for the games, and im reviewing this as a game, not as an eye opening experience

i dont get it. :(

You can't get what you want by asking for it, you have to go get it for yourself. A simple but deep game, you impress me yet again!

It took me a few moments and a couple of pondering seconds, but I eventually got it. Feh. I agree wholeheartedly with the meaning.

Bronze you obviously do not realize the meaning of the game, you lack the intelligence or understanding that he's simply sending a message so try to keep that crap out of the reviews
as for the game it self, i appreciate, because i feel it's a lesson that can be taught to religious and non-religious people, how simple it was told was disappointing but it got the point across so i can't complain 8 out of 10 good job AustinBreed you've impressed me again

is true you have to do something

whats accutally the meaning of this game?

hold down space while walking and he starts to slide xDD

You make points. Good old western values...

Muslims do not blow themselves up i'm a muslim and i dont blow myself up and if any muslim blew himself up he would go to hell but then again no muslim does that

I like a artistic game that can teach me something over a period of time, not in a matter of seconds you know. Good sign though, even if i'm a christian I believe prayer will not save or help me. I have to try, and hopefully the god that everybody seems to hate and love at the same time will be behind me. Helping me along the way....

The man featured in the flash is obviously not poverty stricken, as he can afford his own altar and gold cross, and lives in a house, so either God already lifted his poverty or he's a liar and therefore a sinner and God will strike him down. Also God doesn't deliver wealth and fame, that's greed, another sin. What a sinner! Maybe he should ask for forgiveness instead.

For people who don't get it, it means that good things don't magically come to you, you must make it happen. There is no actual gameplay, but that is the point of it.

You guys who keep spouting crap like "Ooooh Allah no like me when not praying or blowing myself up!" or ">:O Jebus loves me! This is the antichrist of games!" you are retards. God doesn't hand good fortune to you on a silver platter, he makes you make use of the materials that he places around you. If you can't even see that deep, how can you call yourself a follower of faith?

Nicely done. A little harsh to those whom might believe and actually pray (read: wish) that their poverty be relieved, but maybe Ed McMahon will show up with a big check one day soon!

Wait no it's not.
You can't pray for fortune? No shit.
That's not deep or a really good point. It's as obvious as "2+2=4"
You took a fact or message board opinion and just illustrated it in Flash.
And to add insult to injury you actually call this a game, I've had more interactivity with the oxygen around me.

Its saying you cant just pray or wish and think itll happen. You have to make it happen

soooo... what do I do at the beginning? Just pray?

*gets off topic* Hey! Press both right and left keys and he dances! :D

From my point of view of god and religion I think your right. Im not saying that there is NO god but im saying that god wont help you... Some people rely on god too much and think that if something good or bad happens its because of god... I think that YOU are the one who should decide what to do and only YOU are the one responsible for those actions consequences!

good point
but if you could add some fables or phillosaphy or anything els......?
its kinda short to justify my crappy internet connection wasting 4 mins for 2 seconds of game :P

i understand what this is portraying..
that you can't pray for fortune.

The game is offensive because from my point of view
Praying doesn't get you anywhere and it doesn't give you anything
People say it gives hope...yes but hope from a good intended false action
in other words... Prayer gives the placebo affect, the same effect that (is originated) is from faith [blind belief )
I don't know if you made this game from an atheistic stand point saying that it doesn't give you anything or that there are people out there praying daily waiting for our call to help them.
People will find this offensive but it shouldn't be because you have every right to free speech nevermind the fact that there are games that are loaded with christianity and what not and religion being pushed into peoples faces daily (depending where you live)

you have to be smart to realize the game... gamexmaster is one of those people... this game is deep...

I get your point. God won't give you good fortune, you make it :D great game...

that he could very well receive his fortune upon, oh, I don't know, leaving his house, it's very important that you make sure everyone knows that this is how you think people who are religious actually act. Thanks for telling me you think I'm a jackass in game form. Nice to know people who don't accept a religion can't accept people who are different from them either.
However, I love your presentation, and I appreciate that Godlimations has a counter, because I don't like them either. I'm giving this 8 stars because I appreciate the delivery, But i was very insulted. I won't tell you to stop making games with this kind of opinion, because I know people have that opinion. Just thought I'd let you know that you really insulted me, and a lot of other people.

"A go out and do stuff" function. I don't want to be stuck praying forever. I want to be able to go to the park, or use a friend's computer, or something like that. Praying gets you somewhere, but you have to be travelling and seeking things out, and giving what wealth you get (AS MOTHERFUCKING HARD AS IT IS) to those you see suffering. Anyone who suffers, if you come across them, then you probably came across them for a reason.

It's neigh impossible however to be perfect, and to help out everyone you see. I know because I'm very selfish myself, but I try hard. Because that's what's right and good for all.

In a way, I can understand what you were trying to portray in this game. Praying doesn't give you materialistic objects, all it does is give you hope. But some people rely on the hope too much, believing nothing needs to be done but praying to God. I'm an Atheist so I don't really mind this game, but it feels like you're really attacking the gospel religion / Christianity and what not. Plus this game isn't even a game!

balls :-(


You've stated the obvious in a boring sub-par game,
and managed to piss a lot of people off at the same time.

There is absolutely NO substance to this game,
There is NO point in playing this game,
There was NO point in making this game, except for forcing your own views upon the public.

Next time you make a game it should actually be a GAME, with something to PLAY, not just feel like you are getting ranted at by some anti-religious jerkwad, not implying you are one, this is just what it felt like being offended by this... what ever it is.

Attempting to be nice...
I'm sorry man, but deep and moral isn't your thing, it shouldn't be so controversial. Just try another Genre, or actually spend time playing the games you are failing at imitating, it should help.

Look, I understand that this is supposed to be a about how "nothing in life is free" and that it can apply to all religions, but it's ludicrous to try and say that there isn't an anti-religion sub-text hidden in there. I think that it is important to work for what you want in life, but I also believe that that opportunity isn't limited to those who don't pray. I think that the anti-praying and anti-religion morals in this game is unnecessary, and could have been a little more subtle.

So, basically, this entire game just comes off as pretentious. Sorry, but it's a miss.

I get what you were going for. You wanted people to realize that praying for everything in life that you want and not doing anything will get you nothing. If you want something, the only way you will get it is hard work and determination. Praying is ok but bieng like this guy is not.


An eleven year old that has just made a statement in 1 paragraph that would take most adults a whole book.

PS. Great game but very tricky

I won! Alright!

Everyone. The whole point of this game is that you WON'T get what you want just by praying to whatever deity it is that you believe in. It's a social criticism on those that expect everything to come their way without working themselves.

I agree with nintendope909 for the most part. Personally, im blammin this crap. Religion is controversy, and in this case its just a lot of anger being spread by a really boring game.. So yeah..... X No Stars.. (First Time I Never Gave At Least One)

Okay the reason of the title is that:-
1. The game hasn't got a completion which means it's not really a game...
2. Although it is about god it only has 1 point why. You need to WORK for your fortune...not pray Which is what EVERYONE else is saying. I mean everyone too...
and 3. God is all good right? Well this game isn't. Even if it is about god EVERYONE (Yes everyone...) is arguing and being idiotic and a lot of people well...they're making smart reviews and even they are repeating what everyone is saying. It's like being locked in a cage!

I understand why a lot of people are angry and wanna blam this piece of Crap and it's because People LIKE winning. Not doing nothing, hey even some people enjoy losing too. I'm being honest here. It's BORING, NOT REALLY RELIGOUS and it's a PROBLEM-CAUSER. And if I were to type those three words in the search bar, this would be the only one on the list. I think you should actually be ashamed of yourself....And being ashamed is not even GOOD for a game about god!! Im being serious....Lots of people hate you for this game....

The reason why there aren't ANY stars for you is because
A. No completion.
B. Causing Arguments.
C. Boring.
D. Lots of people are repeating what you need to improve on.
E. What kind of a subtitle is that?! 'Pray for good fortune' thats the same as saying. 'Walk to the kitchen'. Not even a BABY would find that exciting/fun.
F. It sucks...A lot of people dislike it. Hey even some people might be using some foul language right now to say on how Lame this game is.
G. It is sort of offending Catholics/Chritians. Just check the reviews. I guarantee it...
H. You can't leave the room until you can get the fortune. And the fortune is un-obtainable...
And the most obvious reason of all.
I. It has no meaning! (Or one meaning that pretty much everyone knows they should do. If you want something, try get it and don't ask for God to get it. God isn't gonna do anything. He might not even be real!)

So I'd say to you. Delete this crap. And I'd say to Tom Fulp. Blam this Crap. Really. Everyone knows this shouldn't be here on newgrounds...

Would you consider Re-editing or Deleting?
And Tom Fulp. Lots of people hate this. Would you consider blamming?

this should be rated high if no you could be not loving god! but the bad thing about it is thats it so hard

And actually more thought-provoking than some of the other pseudo-intelligent stuff I seen on here lately,

Like all art, this can have more than 1 meaning.

Possible meanings:

1.There is no god.get off your a and do it yourself

2.There is a god, but get off your a and do it yourself

3.The kid is bieng selfish, and god gives nothing.

4. (imo) God only help those who help themselves.

and i'm cathlik andi get it so fuck anyone who thiks it's a rip of chistianity

If you really can't catch the message.....wtf is wrong with you? Just read the guy's review right below me.

If you think the game sucks balls, youre not looking at the fact that it is categorized under "Art Games". This game is a representation of that if you just pray for fame, wealth, and good fortune, nothing will happen. You need to work for these things. God will listen, but his answer will be if you work hard, it will happen. I am giving this game 10/10 because it needs to be reversed from all the ones and zeros. In actuality i feel its a 7...

i do not get this game

Lalllllaaalalalla. I can see what yo are givingus. I am a christian, and I know that if you continue to pray like this, they will never give you what you need. I would pray, "God, let me survive and let my whole family be together no matter what hardships we face".

?????? dude u made me puke and cry i want 10 minuts of my life back i only give u 1 becouse its a game no wait i dont give u 1 i give u 0

Work for it you lazy ass.


Being art is not enough to get a good rating , when playing a game it should always have a point to it as to bring closure to the player after he has completed it, Making a religious game with no actual goal was a bad move, instead of sending us all a message that god will give you what you need but not what you want , you have managed to make fellow humans argue over something as petty as whether or not God exists and what his intentions are

You get a 4 from me because not of the message you have sent but because you did not bother to put any detail into the art, nor goals to complete and most of all no story to follow.

And the rest of my fellow Newgroundeings you should all be ashamed of yourselves arguing over something you have no real idea or proof that exists , shameful , everyone no matter what religion is entitled to thier own opinion stop trying to force yours on OTHERS!!!!!!!!!

PS: For those of you wondering what religion i am , well no i am not an atheist i am a catholic who doesn't believe in following religion but instead just loving god or whatever created us , and i am open to the theory of evolution

PPS: Those of you who are going to target me for making you feel bad about yourselves, or targeting me feel fee to do so, i love a good argument/debate

It is not the hardest thing to get ^^. you did something so simple with such an easy message and people do not understand lol ^^, or they do understand just dont in some weird way lol ^^. I tip my head to you and to all the people who are confussed! ^^ 10/10

it's funny how half of the people dont get your point, and end up saying your message

you have to get off your a and work for it

That's the point of the game you idiots. He's praying for good fortune and nothing is happening, he's saying you must make your own fortune. You missed the whole point of the game, and assumed he meant that is what you should do. If that was the case don't you think something would happen.

religion was made up so people would think there was something better but everything doesn't happen by a fortune. People have to work to get a place in life and destine doesn't have much in it. So believe in what ever you want but just think did it really work out for you.

Just pray and everything will work out? Miracles happen all the time yes but telling somebody to just pray and they'll have wealth and fame? No.

You have to work for your fortune.

Personally i think faith is unreliable but before you downgrade this please hear me out.

I think everything happens by chance faith doesn't help anyone its just that by praying you waste a little time and didn't get hit by that car that would kill you if you were there just a few seconds earlier this isn't because god didn't want you to die it is because you wasted just that little extra time to do something even if you had prayed you could still have died if you didn't spent those extra few seconds going to the bathroom. It could also work the other way around, you want to buy a lottery ticket but because you pray before going to get it someone else might have just bought that winning ticket before you if you didn't stop to help that old lady who was asking for directions.

My point being, you may be in the right place at the right time or you may not be the praying doesn't matter it is just a way to waste time so you avoid somethings and run into other things. In laymens terms its like being AFK in some game maybe something good happens, maybe something bad happens or maybe nothing happens at all either way it doesn't matter if you spend that time praying or in the bathroom or on the phone perhaps whatever happens happens.

i for one think it sends a good message. people spend too much of their life asking for something good to happen, that they either forget they have to work for it, or miss it when it actually happens. and it annoys me that people with "faith" are often easy to insult, or just plain over dependent on their god. i'm not religious for many reasons, and the fact that too many people use god as a crutch is one of them.


Since everyone is being an idiot about this (and apparently most of newgrounds is religious), here's what I think. I think the creator is trying to say that simply praying for something won't make it come true, ever heard the saying "god helps those who help themselves"? If you sit around all of your life asking for more you'll never have anything. I'm not religious, but for those who are try to see it in that light.

To actually review, meh, the music was calming but it's not much of a game.

Bad game....bad message.

Ive prayed for things and they have came true,not instantly,but they have came true

drummer dont be a fag just becus you pray for something dont me bam it instantly appears so shut up before you insult like 5 million people this is however a bad message

I'm not religious at all but i don't go around insulting them even if i do think their know longer necessary. it was handy to start different cultures and laws and other important things to advance the human race but somewhere i think something happened and it no longer had much use in in furthering or society as much as it could have.

To actually think that his prayers would come true. Pathetic. The point of this game is to show that religion (especially Christianity) is a joke. Got it? There is no winner with religion. Tear that fucking cross down, you Catholic fag.

Seriously though, somebody had to make this game, it's the plain truth!

i agree with this alot. so yeah.

Bahaha! It's fun to make you guy slide by holding the space bar and left/right :D
Other than that it's a kinda pointless game - unless I'm doing something wrong, there is no ending.
I'll give it 7 for the sliding xD

I dont believe but this was not a good message

I made my guy masturbate while praying by tapping the right arrow over and over

If you don't like christanity you don't need to rate low. I can get you banned for that!

I don't know if you're trying to say that God doesn't exist and cant help us, or that if we pray to god and don't do anything nothing will happen. If it's the first one, this is a bold message. I really don't know what to vote it, so I'm not.

I find it offensive because there is no God and prayer doesn't work.

it's didn't take a million bucks to get me to understand :D

I like it and it's meaning :)

Although most people aren`t getting the idea right, its amazing. Really precise! Hahaha! Good job

I can see your point, but just because it looks like it's a smart and deep game doesn't mean it is.

Nice idea, and just for that (and because it is, by all means, art) I give you ten stars.
God takes care of all of us, but when a religious person crosses the street, he still checks left and right.

Oh, and if it offends anyone... it's probably art.

For the first few seconds i was wondering if it was going to happen... then nothing did.. and i lol'd. Very good game, description is exactly right.

but it just...failed, not to mention be highly offensive to any one who believes in that stuff.

1. hmm..... so youre saying that worshipping god doesnt help you in any way.
now im not religious, but that must be offensive to most religious people.
2. the whole point of a game, even an "art" game is to have a plot or meaning, or to be rewarded as you play. the first 5 seconds made me wonder if anything will happen.
it didnt.
you could at least have let me get the "good fortune", or something to make me engage with the game.
overall, pretty dissapointing, because this has the potential to be a great game, and i love most art games!! read this and take it into account, maybe update it or something???

He wont give you things if you dont do anything

the message is stupid.

"Please relieve my poverty and bestow all fame wealth and fortune to me."
"No fortune yet."
And all you do is walk around in your house (which is just one frame). I understand the meaning behind this. You can't rely on "God" to help you out. You have to do everything yourself. You must be independent. And finally, the only way to achieve fame, wealth and fortune is to go outside and gather a TON of experiences.

Family, love, friends, and all those good things must be together with the bad things such as greed, lust, anger, etc. Only then can you find happiness from Wealth fame and fortune. Though the only valuable things that truly matter are experiences and love (for everyone and everything).

Forget about god and do it yourself! But if you are relying on something else, then forget about that something! One thing that pisses me off is that people talk about problems. smarter people talk about solutions. But the heroes don't talk at all. They use their minds, experiences, love, etc. to get what they want. Too bad there is no such thing as a hero nowadays...

I think that this shows two things.

(1) That there is no god.

(2) That if there is a god he either lets humans be humans or only gives things if they need it.

Good game!

Stop arguing about with religion. I'm an athiest but I agree that it doesn't have anything to do with religion. It's about how you can't expect things to be handed to you. You have to reach out and grab it.

As for the review of the game, i think it was lovely. Now I don't know if you meant something behind the pixel-type graphics, and I personally don't mind them, but I was wondering if since maybe all you do is pray, if you could have really focused on the graphics and made them something beautiful to look at.

Then again, it is more about the IDEA, and I could see that you would want people to focus more on that. I like the concept too because it's very to the point. You don't have to jump over enemies or hit switches. So it takes a second for someone to get it, but when they do, it's like a slap in the face. It's really effective. If people don't like this game their stubborn and hard headed.

And if you rate this review as "USELESS", then you're only acting out of spite, and trolling me because of my beliefs, not because of my review. They might as well put a "I WOULD PLEASE LIKE TO HATE ON THIS PERSON NOW" button.
Because I believe I gave this game a decent review.

Once again. Good concept, and idea, as well as the fresh new method to getting a point across.

Oh and the musics' catchy too.

his praying is hopeless because this is something he wants, not what he needs
because god will only give you what you need, not what you want, it happened to me a lot of times.
miracles don't really happen that much, only if you give your heart to it, but if you just stay there like sitting duck and trying to get what you want by praying will never work. I am a catholic and i believe in christ and his father.

this has a great message. i don't believe it's a knock at religion i think it is simply saying that you can't just pray or wish for the things that you want. you must achieve them yourself.

I like this game, it shares my beliefs that it is stupid to call upon some otherworldly being isn't going to help anything.

This game isn't saying there is no God. This game isn't making fun of God. People pray to God attempting to sway his views or his ideas, changing the world to their perspective. If there is a God, that's ridiculous. You can't change anything in the world by just praying about it. Prayer is not a tool to get what you want. It's a method of explaining yourself and your desires to God.

I believe in God but I do not believe that you will gain good fortune from him. I think that there are some other more concerning matters, like being a good person. This is a good example of that. Though t seems to me you were going for that there is no god and atheism is the correct thing to believe.


obviously this shows the usual shit all you fuckign christfags pray for
but really, if there was any kind of all knowing, all seeing entity in this world, and if it would truely fight for the good and against evil, then how come that there still are a load of fucking wars and shit going on in the world
and even IF there was a god fighting for good, and a devil fighting for evil, then don't you think god is a little weak? I mean terror and hate rule the fucking world, which basically means that there is no god
oh and by the way, nobody lives by the bible perfectly... not even priests*cough* pedophiles *cough* so to all of you offended by this game or by me, I'll see you in hell :)

He's trolling you btw, lol.

As for the review... Yeah, the game seems somewhat insensitive to Christianity, or religion in general... Actually, there was no mention of god at all, just a generic cross, so I guess it could have been more specific (Which is okay). Honestly, the guy could be a sadistic satanist for all we know. The prayer he's doing is a bit... it's really self centered... I mean, "BESTOW ALL FAME AND WEALTH AND GOOD FORTUNE TO ME" o_O ..Wat?

Overall the concept can be funny, insulting, depressing, informative, or even confusing. I assume that you were probably going for either funny or informative, maybe even slightly disappointing. It's a good thing you didn't specify the religion, otherwise it would definitely catch you some bad rep. Anyway, it was interesting... and sleepy... too bad I can't sleep anymore :D *gun to the head-o-saurus*

I completed the objective as outlined in the description.

Everyone is saying the point is that prayer isn't the way to get what you want, you have to work, etc. That's true, but praying for things is pointless in and of itself. The whole idea of prayer is for intangible things. Happiness, love, etc. I think the point is equally the futility of prayer as a means and of the superficiality of praying for goods.

Is that you can't only pray you have to do all the work you would normally have to, but pray anyway. Whats the point of praying if you end of having to do everything yourself, because god either doesn't exsist or doesn't care about our well being!

is dead. So yes, the game does make a solid point that praying all day long for something in and of itself will not bring results, especially without action corresponding to it. In short, you want fortune? Get a witty idea or work really really hard for it!

God is not there for your petty little problems, whether or not he's real.

Suck it up, fix your own damn problems, and stop relying on some deity to automatically shape your life the way you want it to fit. That's pathetic. Do it like the rest of us... Through hard work.

There is never an easy way out like praying. To think there is through this God crap is just total BS. There is no answer. Any "answer" given to you is just a total coincidence (which DO exist, you know).

Get out of God's umbrella, it's not raining. So either deal with life or stay inside all day, and watch your life die off as you pray for it to get better.

Well prayers are meant to make you understand yourself, to question what you desire and why you desire that, not to get something. It was said somewhere that God gave freedom to people, because without freedom love can't exist, so based on this way of thinking the actual interference from God while you're alive is unlikely (if not impossible). Well in general I liked the flash, it made a strong understandable point, the minimalistic design was great and the sound fit perfectly.

I give you credit for takeing a risk and touching on a subject matter that most of us like to ignore most of the time. 10/10

I really liked your idea and the graphics.Praying does give you give fortune but not that easy.You have to work for it and keep praying to Jesus.If he wants good fortune,he should add "in Jesus' name,Amen" to the end of his prayer and he should work hard to get good fortune!

Praying gets you no where
Animation is simple which i do quite enjoy , soothing music - a good way to express your thoughts on the subject

overall i was expecting a game to play but this did humor me so you get the 8 lol
i enjoyed the laugh, thank you and keep up the good work

I actually really enjoyed this idea.

It shows that just praying all day does nothing. Just try and solve your problems.

are you suppose to keep praying for good fortune and the character just grows old starve and dies and no good fortune yet.

if the game if moar than that there should be a score or a progress bar indicating if the action is near completion

i guess you want to pass messages but thats not the way to do it...help me with it..whats the point?

only fucking praying, want to kill something

praying for fortune, seems not to work


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